3D Software Development

3D Software Development

We’ve left the age of fat two-dimensional objects a long time ago. In terms of cinemas, there are five-dimensional technologies being implemented throughout the world. In terms of software development, it is the age of virtual reality. Facebook was one of the first companies to introduce VR based applications in its platform. Ever since then, there has been a plethora of mediums that have made use of this technology in a number of innovative ways.

An introduction to 3D development

The field of three-dimensional development is not new at all. It has been around for more than a decade. It refers to the process where computer graphics software is used to design and develop three-dimensional graphics and animations. For a number of years, basic forms of this software have been used to create models for different objects. The computer-aided design or CAD programs have been extensively used in the fields of architecture, health sciences, and entertainment among many others. The versatility of these programs is enormous and open to continuous improvements.

3D development today

From designing basic models on computer screens, 3D software has paved the way for three-dimensional printing. This revolutionary practice has facilitated it for people from amateurs all the way up to research scientists in discovering new ways to advance their respective fields. From various 3D printed consumer goods now available for sale, health professionals have recreated human organs using this technique. Sophisticated components used in certain appliances and equipment are being designed and printed using this technique. Three-dimensional printing has allowed various industries to drastically cut costs and improve productivity through a reduction in time taken to produce goods and services.

Trends in 3D development

One of the biggest leaps in this field after the introduction of three-dimensional printers has been virtual reality. The market is worth around $30 billion today and is expected to grow, placing the estimates at more than $200 billion by 2022. Virtual reality is being used to achieve and enhance a number of proficiencies in customer markets today. Cutting edge applications are allowing users to design entire homes by positioning furniture and other elements throughout the home by only swiping fingers on a smartphone screen. This means that you know exactly how things will look, before you’ve placed the first brick in your new home.

Moreover, clothing stores are reinventing the shopping experience by using virtual reality apps. Customers can now take their exact body measurements and try on clothes using a body duplicator created in VR. The entire process of buying clothes through ecommerce has been converted effectively.


3D development has been making significant in-roads into the field of software, printing and consumer goods as well as experiences. The developments that have been made are quite impressive, and the prospects even more promising. Nobody can guess what improvements are in the horizon, so we can only wait and watch for the surprises as they are revealed.


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