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artificial intelligence machine learning

Driving Innovation: How AI and ML are Changing Software Development

Many people have named artificial intelligence as one of the major technological breakthroughs of our times. Years from now, the concept of a machine replicating human intelligence will seem as familiar as logging in to Facebook. Even today, we see the effects of AI and machine learning altering the course of our daily lives one way or the other.

The question remains, though, “Can artificial intelligence and machine learning help you streamline the software development of your business?” The answer is yes! Let’s talk about the two within the context of software development in detail.

Machine learning and coding

In simple words, machine learning works on the principle that a machine can be efficiently trained to maximize its functionality. It’s often confused with artificial intelligence, but the two are not the same.

Software developers use algorithms to generate code, when these days; this automation of software development is a form of machine learning. For companies whose operations greatly rely on IT solutions, they can use machine intelligence to obtain analytical reports and make use of their codebase better. Another advantage is that bots can be trained to review code, leading and saving managers and developers a lot of time. This also makes it easy for software developers to ensure timely and accurate shipping of code. This, in turn, means that software can be deployed a lot faster.

artificial intelligence machine learning

Artificial intelligence

A common coding problem that hinders the pace of software developers is bugs and errors. At times, they need to spend hours compiling and recompiling a program to see what’s causing the discrepancy. When artificial intelligence is used for this purpose, the final program turns out to be much more accurate and well-tested.

Artificial intelligence also serves as a great way for new developers to polish their skill through mutual sharing of acumens and allows them to collaborate with experienced developers.

Another crucial aspect of software development is deploying new versions of software. Programmers often end up ruining the original software or failing to deploy it when making changes. Artificial intelligence prevents this risk by providing faster fixes for errors.

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