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Why Android Mobile Development Is Crucial to Your Market Strategy

In the past few years, there’s been a noticeable shift towards providing solutions through mobile apps, as they enable closer interactions with customers and provide deeper insights. Today, Android has an 86.8% market share in the mobile app development industry.

Revolutionizing the digital world, let’s see why Android app development is imperative to enhancing your market strategy.

Higher return on investments (ROI)

The key benefit of Android app development is the Software Development Kit (SDK) which is provided to developers for free by Google. This SDK significantly reduces the costs of setting up, registration, licensing and trademarks, enabling developers to create an interactive application for customers.

All of these features come together to lower development costs, thus increasing ROI.

Multiple opportunities to generate revenue

Since its inception, Google has reportedly earned revenues of $31 billion from Android, with profits amounting to $22 billion. Whether you choose to develop a paid or a free version of a mobile application, it gives you a number of opportunities to generate more and more revenue.

In-app promotions and additional premium features are a few examples of how you can earn through free mobile applications. Additionally, a paid application will lead to more revenues with every download.

Increased customer loyalty and brand salience

Android app development can help businesses interact with customers directly. Applications can provide instant solutions to queries and concerns through personalized communication.

Furthermore businesses can use their app as a means to promote sales, such as bundle offers, deals and discounts. This can inculcate a sense of community among customers, leading to increased loyalty to the brand, enhanced brand recall and a positive word of mouth.

As claimed by Google, there are approximately 1.4 billion mobile devices in the world that are equipped with Android, making it a great opportunity for businesses to tap into an enormous user base.

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