Apache Race, a team building experience that was everything that you would expect!


Located on the slopes of Barva volcano, the Adventure Park, was the place chosen this year for the EX² Outcoding’s team building.

With a great attendance of employees from every department in the company, our day started out with some great ice-breaking activities that put some of our Outcoders to the test for prizes. It was very fun to watch and it showed how much of a
family we are! Everyone was shouting and rooting for their coworkers, egging them on to give their best. This was followed up by some interesting motivational speeches about overcoming hardships and taking care of our nutrition.

After a great warm up to prepare our warriors for the struggles to come, we kicked off the two different parts of this activity. First to head out were the adrenaline seekers on the 5 kilometer obstacle course. This high impact and intense exercise regime began with running across a bouncing platform covered in water.

From climbing up a wall of mud, to a hardcore monkey bars and an 80 meter long water slide that launched you into a muddy
pool, our Outcoders were challenged in every way imaginable!

This 7 part gauntlet put each of our employees through the ringer, but two champions came out from the fray triumphant! Danny Trejos and Judith Cruz were the first to finish, but we can consider everyone in the activity a winner.

Overcoming the obstacles through teamwork with people that they had possibly never met, everyone came together as a team to make it through and nobody was left behind at any point of the race. This just goes to show how closely our team can work
together to always make it through, no matter how difficult (or muddy!) it might get!

The other activity we had was far more tranquil (and clean!) for those who were seeing a more low impact approach. A beautiful 2 kilometer hike through nature guided by one of the instructors took place in the nearby forest and hills.
Clean air and a great view made this a pleasant experience for all of the Outcoders involved.

Overall, this team building activity reinforced an integral work environment and broke through the tension and stress of everyday life! Following the race, we enjoyed some great food where everyone got a chance to talk about the experience and
how they fared! Laughter and chatter rang all around and we know that some new friendships were made.

We are definitely looking forward to our next chance to bring the team together, but I think the photos speak for themselves in saying that this was an amazing experience for all!

Written by Steven Arguedas Zuñiga