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App Development Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Do you have a unique idea for an app?

Do you know exactly what you want, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Does the term “app development” sound overwhelming to you?

Here are some tips that we’ve rounded up from successful app developers that’ll help you build a successful app in today’s ever-changing mobile app space:

Do you need an app?

Once you’ve decided on an idea for your app, the first step is validating its purpose. Your mobile application should ideally solve some sort of daily problems that haven’t been addressed yet—it’s all about innovative ideas that satisfy customer requirements.

Next, ask yourself if you can achieve your goal without building a mobile app. For instance, if your goal is simply to interact with users on mobile devices, then a mobile-friendly website will do the job.

Building an app is a good idea when:

  • Your goal is to encourage repeat interactions between the brand and its users.
  • You want to enable your audience to perform complex actions.
  • Your plan is to add a lot more functionalities, which would otherwise increase the load time of a website.
  • You wish to boost your marketing efforts through push and in-app notifications.
  • Your aim is to enhance user experience with the mobile device’s features.

However, the afore mentioned features require time, work and dedication, and your app will only be successful if you’re fully committed and passionate about your idea.

Prioritizing features

Once you understand the purpose of your application, shift your focus towards its engineering. If you’re working in a team, plan on how long the first build will take. Identify the “must have” features that you want to launch in your app’s first version. Ideally, prioritize the core value of your app in the first version; leave out the “nice-to-have” features for subsequent iterations.

mobile development strategy

Prototyping and Engineering your app

Prototyping your app’s design makes the journey from design to development seamless. It gives your app clarity and makes it easy for you to communicate the specs with the developer.

Additionally, you need to choose the front-end architecture of your app at this point. Analyze whether a web, native or cross platform app will best suit your needs.

Before planning the timeline and estimates for your app, take these concepts into consideration:

  • Don’t over-engineer: There’s no point in reinventing the wheel; use performing libraries and snippets wherever you can when developing the app.
  • Build efficiently and effectively: Evaluate the features of each framework and use whichever is fastest to develop in.
  • Demo your app on the daily: Never refrain from showing what you built after every milestone; this keeps you goal-oriented and feedbacks help you discover errors sooner rather than later.

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