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artificial intelligence on the internet of things

Artificial Intelligence on the Internet of Things: How to Use It

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are combining with the Internet of Things to improve processes and procedures throughout several sectors and scenarios. This technology has already become one of the great disruptors of modern times, and it is only going to continue influencing our lives.

Here we look at a few examples of how artificial intelligence technology today is being used in combination with the Internet of Things.

AI in Smart Homes

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in smart home infrastructure generally involves gathering data from all the automation devices used in the home. The data can be used to predict user behavior and analyze maintenance data, as well as to enhance security and privacy. Smart home AI gives the homeowner more control over home appliances, as well as over the likes of heating, air conditioning and security.

Devices that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) in smart homes gather data and the AI learns from that data using a variety of machine learning and deep learning algorithms. The AI uses what it learns to perform programmed tasks without human intervention. A good example is temperature control, where the AI will learn the ideal temperature to maintain while someone is home but switch to a more energy efficient level while the home is unoccupied. AI can even adjust lighting according to your mood and play music you like.

AI in Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles were once the stuff of science fiction movies, but they are a real-life technology today. Using complex sensors, cameras and a variety of hardware and software, self-driving cars gather information about roads and environmental conditions from the internet and their own sensors on the road. The AI in an autonomous vehicle’s computer analyzes the information and uses it to safely steer the vehicle to its destination.

While still in a testing phase, self-driving cars have already come a long way, with vehicles able to communicate with each other to ensure safety on the road by maintaining their course and avoiding collisions.

AI in Industry IoT Devices

Industrial equipment with IoT devices can provide a lot of benefits to manufacturers and operators. The AI can interpret the data gathered by the devices and give business owners insight into operational efficiency as well as identify any potential problems, enabling predictive maintenance that helps avoid costly downtime for machinery repairs.

The AI of IoT in industrial applications is currently purposed for optimizing resources and increasing safety, but soon the entire production process could be streamlined.

AI in Healthcare

The AI in IoT devices in the healthcare industry has advanced a lot of treatments, helping healthcare workers identify health issues earlier and get the patient the help they need before the condition worsens.

By analyzing the data gathered from IoT devices such as sensors, mobile apps, fitness trackers, as well as analyzing additional information in digital medical records, AI can diagnose and predict diseases, offer preventive care measures and even provide drug administration.

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