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Outsourcing Digital Marketing

The Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing keeps growing in importance as more and more people gain ready access to the internet. As technology has advanced and becomes ever more affordable, portable devices like smartphones have become ubiquitous throughout society and internet access is a primary driver of their popularity.

Research from 2019 revealed 81% of Americans go online every day, with 45% saying they go online several times a day. The same study by Pew Research also showed that nearly three out of every ten Americans are online ‘almost constantly’ throughout the day.

With that research being conducted just before the global Covid-19 pandemic, it forced a lot of people to either work or stay at home far more than they usually would, the amount of internet activity will only have increased since.

It is easy to see how marketing of the digital kind is quickly overtaking other forms in terms of its impact on business success.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is literally any form of marketing that occurs online. It can take a variety of forms, but still consists of the most important aspect of any kind of marketing, and that is to connect with your target audience.

The most common forms of digital marketing include content creation and social media marketing, with search engine optimization (SEO) also a constant element that should always be considered.

Other popular digital marketing strategies include the likes of Pay Per Click (PPC), affiliate marketing and native advertising. There are also marketing automation techniques, email marketing campaigns, inbound marketing and other various forms of online PR such as sponsored content.

Advantages of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Outsourcing digital marketing campaigns to a specialist IT company allows you to reap the benefits of their online marketing expertise without the expenditure of hiring an in-house expert.

By outsourcing your digital marketing you can benefit from the expertise of a team of specialists rather a single individual, plus you will not have to worry about losing your employee to a better offer.

Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing Digital Marketing

There are numerous benefits to partnering with a nearshore firm for your outsourcing digital marketing needs. The geographic proximity of working with a nearshore firm in Costa Rica means communication will be happening within the same or similar time zones.

Meeting together will be much easier and cheaper and a lot less time-consuming than travelling to the other side of the world.

The shared language and cultural similarities also make working together a much smoother process, helping everybody on the client’s teamwork in harmony with the hired team. There are no communication breakdowns or misunderstandings as is often possible with faraway offshore firms.

Copyright and Patent Violations

A nearshore tech hub country like Costa Rica also upholds similar copyright laws as the U.S., meaning your company’s intellectual property and sensitive information are fully protected. Many offshore companies are in countries where such protections are not exactly considered the highest priority.

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