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benefits of nearshore software development

Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

Nearshore software development holds many advantages over traditional offshoring for forward-thinking businesses that see beyond the initial outlay.

While offshoring your development needs to a part of the world with cheaper labor may reduce the initial expenditure, there are sometimes additional costs to the quality of the final product and the communication can sometimes be difficult. Here we run through the benefits of nearshore software development.

Better Communication

Being closer to the development team means communication is greatly improved. Obviously, it helps to speak the same language fluently, but also just being in the same time zone makes sharing ideas, requests and advice much easier. Also, being in closer proximity allows for face-to-face meetings without any fuss or time-consuming travel.

Offshoring to cheaper labor markets on the other side of the world leaves you vulnerable to miscommunication, whereas nearshoring guarantees a higher level of engagement and ensures there are no misunderstandings due to language barriers, time differences or distance.

Easier Collaboration

Nearshore software development enables better collaboration between your business and the development team due to you both having cultural similarities and a shared view of the world. The technical knowhow that nearshore developers possess integrates easily with your in-house team thanks to these similarities.

It is also much simpler to match the technical expertise at your company with the equivalent or better at a nearshore software development firm.

Higher Quality

It cannot be understated that nearshore software development benefits greatly from a deeper pool of available talent. As well as being better communicators and linking-up more easily, the talent that will be working on your development projects will have gained their qualifications and expertise in an environment you understand and know well.

Requisite Infrastructure

Without expensive and time-consuming trips back and forth across the world, it is difficult to guarantee that an offshore development firm has the required infrastructure to truly meet your business requirements and adhere to your project conditions.

By engaging with a nearshore software development team, you can meet them personally and see how they operate their business. The best development companies will want to treat their clients as partners, becoming more acquainted with them as people and thus more aligned with their business processes.

Intellectual Property Laws

By working with a nearshore company, any unique software product or application containing proprietary functionality will be protected by law. Offshoring any development needs to be carefully thought about as the intellectual property laws differ from country to country.

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