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The Best Software Development Tools of 2019

The Best Software Development Tools of 2019

Software development takes a great amount of planning. On top of that, IT developers are constantly learning about and trying out new technologies to ensure a faster and more efficient process. They want to make sure that the end product is flawless and is delivered to the client as soon as possible.

Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of the best software development tools that have made achieving these goals easier for software developers in the past few years.


Linx is an extremely easy-to-use interface that enables developers to integrate applications and create customized automated processes for businesses while handling large workloads efficiently.

The server platform also offers over a hundred pre-built functions which help speed up the entire software development process.


This is an open source text editor that allows cross-platform editing and faster code writing. Atom is compatible with several operating systems, including Windows and OS X, developers use to validate code across multiple files by splitting the interface into different panes. It’s truly a remarkable tool that makes software development extremely easy.


Bootstrap is a useful source that’s used by developers to create responsive websites. The server offers ready-made codes which can customized according to the needs of a project. Moreover, Bootstrap ensures consistency and efficiency in the end product.

popular tool in agile software development

HTML5 Builder

Using HTML5, JavaScript, or CSS3, this software solution enables developers to create mobile applications and websites that are compatible with multiple operating systems and electronic devices.

One of the greatest features of HTML5 Builder is that it allows both designers and developers to collaborate and develop cross-platform applications in very little time.

Microsoft Azure

One of the most popular platforms among developers is Microsoft Azure. It’s easy-to-use and can be used to develop and manage web applications effectively. Moreover, Azure also helps detect errors and mitigate threats. Companies can develop mobile applications using this platform seamlessly.

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