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Biggest Internet of Things Trends

Biggest Internet of Things Trends

The Internet of Things is something of a trend itself, and one that is being fueled by its usefulness across an ever-widening variety of applications. Here we will look at the biggest Internet of Things trends to see what we can expect to see soon.

Internet of Things and Edge Computing

Edge computing will be using multiple IoT devices with smart sensors such as cameras and microphones to compute processes much faster. Devices will be manufactured with a built-in analytics capability so the analysis can take place much closer to the source of the data being analyzed.

The privacy of data being gathered by IoT devices will also be much safer with edge computing, as the data doesn’t have to be transferred back and forth from the cloud to be analyzed.

Industrial IoT

The IoT will have a big say in the way the industrial sector manufactures goods and will also influence how services are provided. How products are sold to customers will be impacted by the prevalence of IoT devices, as well as how customer service and support is offered.

Expect the likes of smart factories to become commonplace as automation and robotics incorporating IoT infrastructure become widespread.

Medical IoT

The healthcare sector will be benefitting from a wide variety of IoT devices and integration, especially with the ongoing pandemic. The number of devices to monitor social distancing and cameras for public areas will increase, plus there will be more and more specialized medical equipment using the IoT that help doctors better understand a patient’s condition and lifestyle. This includes trackers, heart rate monitors, insulin and oxygen pumps, and even wheelchairs and defibrillators.

Internet of Things Security

With more and more devices being connected to the internet, it only follows that there is an increase in cyber crimes. The nature of many IoT devices also makes them vulnerable, as they can be small or light, so there is going to be a lot of focus on improving IoT security in the near future.

One of the main ways securities will improve will be by gathering data on network traffic and usage. The analysis of this data from connected devices can then create algorithms that can not only prevent cyber attacks but also predict them.

IoT for Resilient Organizations

After the last two years of companies being struck by crisis after crisis, there is going to be a heavy focus on building more resilient businesses and organizations. The IoT will help by enabling businesses to switch seamlessly between in-office working and remote working. It will also monitor the market of a business to ensure its competitors are not taking advantage of any opportunities that have been missed.

The IoT should help with increasing supply chain resilience too. One way will be to track the movement of inventory between the manufacturers, suppliers, the retailer and the customers. This will help businesses and suppliers anticipate delays and enable them to take measures to avoid them.

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