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Location: Costa Rica & Peru

The Mission:

Project Area: AI & Data Engineering

As a Data Scientist on the Attributes team, your mission is to work with your teammates to solve our hardest data science challenges, including:

  • Predicting business behavior from dozens of data sources and validating them against ground truth
  • Exploring new data sets and extracting the signal that powers our products
  • Helping to build the data science culture and infrastructure to rapidly move from hypothesis to impact

The Role:

At the core of the company is our data which makes data science the beating heart of our product. You will build the most reliable and comprehensive dataset about businesses in the US. In that pursuit, you will design and execute experiments to extract signals from hundreds of data sources, design and develop tooling to make the team more effective, and closely collaborate with product managers and engineers.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Finds innovative solutions to problems in statistics, experiment design and distributed machine learning (we use Python libraries and Spark extensively)
  • Sets high personal standards for research design that increase iteration speed and ensure reproducibility of results
  • Approaches data as an artefact of the real-world and develop repeatable strategies for validating results against ground truth
  • Develops techniques to detect and explore anomalies in our data, uncover the source and address in a way that improves our product
  • Thrives in high-performing, collaborative teams with short, high-impact research cycles What makes this job interesting?

Technical challenge: Enigma is solving some of the hardest problems in the world related to entity resolution and pushing to make new discoveries. You will be critical to our success.

Impact: Data science at many companies focuses on making better product development and business decisions. At Enigma, data science is the core of our actual product!

Learning: We’re tackling problems with exciting data that don’t have obvious solutions. Every day brings new opportunities to learn about data science and our world.

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Bring 3-4+ years of industry experience in statistics, experiment design, distributed machine learning and data engineering
  • Effectively communicate with technical and non-technical audiences
  • Have an advanced degree in a quantitative discipline (e.g. Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, etc.)

Bonus points if you:

  • Have experience combining diverse sets of data at scale

If you are interested in this position,
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