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Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

3 Ways Cloud-Based Mobile Apps are reshaping the Future

To claim that the use and development of mobile apps is growing at a fast rate would be an understatement. According to Statistica, there are around 6.5 million apps available across all leading app platforms. However, businesses have been unable to reap the maximum benefits of their native apps due to limiting factors such as download procedures, specific platforms, information overload, and computing capabilities.

Cloud-based mobile apps are accessed via web browsers and provide personalized experiences while doing away with the limitations associated with native apps. In this article, we list 3 ways of how cloud-based mobile apps are reshaping the future.

Improved Customer Data Protection

Native apps use customers’ own devices for data storage. This process puts their personal information at risk of being stolen or lost. Cloud-based applications store data in the cloud greatly reducing the risk of information theft or loss.

Applications store various types of data depending on their nature. A billing app that collects payments will have the customers’ personal billing information stored in the mobile and at a constant security risk. According to research conducted by Pew, mobile data security ranks as the biggest concern for consumers. As a service provider, it’s the business’s responsibility to secure customers information, which can be done effectively, by developing cloud-based mobile applications.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Native applications are developed either for the iOS or Android platform, requiring a business to conduct extensive marketing research to determine which platform is best. Cloud-based apps work on all operating systems and enable businesses to reach wider audiences.

Until now, businesses had to develop strategies based on the market share of Android and Apple as well as where their consumers were most active. Cloud-based apps make such decisions irrelevant for businesses due to cross-platform availability.

Provides Time and Cost Savings

The time it takes to develop an app, conduct testing, and finally launch it into the market depends on the type of app being built and its level of complexity. Sophisticated apps can even take more than a year to develop before they can enter the app store.

Cloud-based applications require less development times as the process doesn’t have to be repeated for businesses looking to make their app available for both Android and iOS. Also, because the app doesn’t have to be made for different platforms, companies can save on significant amounts of money that can be spent on other core business operations.

Time and cost savings provide a strong competitive advantage by allowing businesses to get their product into the market faster. This creates the perfect opportunity for increasing market share and gaining access to greater returns on investment.

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

These are a few benefits organizations stand to gain from developing cloud-based mobile applications. EX2Outcoding provides nearshore mobile app development services in Costa Rica enabling businesses to leverage the benefits of cloud-based mobile computing. Contact them today for more information.

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