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Cloud Solutions (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)

Cloud Solutions (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)

The cloud solutions landscape is currently dominated by three of the biggest brands around in Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Their respective AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform services provide safe, flexible and reliable cloud-based storage, along with many other computing and networking solutions for businesses of every size.

AWS particularly dominates the public cloud scene with its excellent maturity and functionality, though both Azure and Google Cloud Platform are hot on their heels and catching up fast with Amazon’s frontrunner. All three are innovative and offer features such as auto-scaling, instant provisioning, self-service and identity management, as well as several security and compliance tools.

All three cloud services have a lot to offer every business, though which cloud service is best suited to yours may depend on the unique characteristics of each. Here’s a quick rundown of each of these industry-leading cloud solution services.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

The extensive AWS cloud service provides mature offerings and support for larger organizations. It has a global reach and excellent flexibility with a significantly wider range of services than its two major rivals, including over 200 products and services covering computing, storage, networking, database, analytics and application services. There are also tools for the Internet of Things and developers, as well as for deployment, management, machine learning and mobile.

Azure Cloud Solutions by Microsoft

Azure is nudging ahead of Google as the second largest provider behind AWS and boasts unique integration with Microsoft tools and software with a broad set of features, even if it is not as extensive as AWS. Azure is also a hybrid cloud service and provides support for open source which makes it the most suitable for start-ups and software developers.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) brings up the rear of the big three cloud services, though this is mostly because it is primarily designed for cloud-native businesses. GCP is a complete container-based model which also offers support for open source and portability, with DevOps expertise for software development and IT operations. The flexible contracts available with GCP also make it more cost-efficient than both AWS and Azure.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions

Scalability must be near the top of any list of cloud service benefits. Using a cloud service means businesses do not need to invest in their own resources or hire additional staff to manage the IT side of things. The cloud service provider supplies all the necessary infrastructure and software a business needs at any given moment in their growth trajectory.

With this outsourced scalability comes lower operational costs, and not just because it saves on hiring permanent extra staff. The monthly or annual cloud service subscription fees eliminate the need to pay for on-site software licenses.

Cloud services also provide each of their clients with valuable flexibility, providing on-demand solutions as and when they are needed.

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