Costa Rica Regional Digital Leader

Costa Rica Regional Digital Leader

Software development and its relevant digital activities are one of the most widely outsourced processes in the world. This is because of the number of projects that are being executed in the industry on a regular basis. The digital revolution is one of the biggest changes to come upon us since the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th century. There are thousands of software programs that are being developed at any given instance, and this humungous workload gives rise to certain problems.

The biggest amongst these, according to 33.5% of businesses, is hiring professional and committed talent. The fact that the right person for the job is so hard to find is the fundamental reason why more than 52% of businesses acknowledge that they have outsourced development tasks to different individuals and organizations. Moreover, it is no surprise that a substantial chunk of this business goes overseas.

India was once the land of choice, but recently, Costa Rica has been stealing the limelight due to a number of reasons. Here are some of them:

The blessing of time zones

Software development is a time sensitive process. There is a lot of communication that has to occur on a daily basis to ensure that the best product is designed and developed. When outsourcing these tasks completely or partially, countries that lie in different time zones can become an inconvenience. The delays in communication can disrupt timelines, cause a drop in productivity, and hamper agile development efforts considerably.

Agile development allows businesses to create dynamic applications and web platforms. This makes it simple to adapt to any changes in the market. Now, the great thing about Costa Rica is that it lies in the same time zone as the U.S. As a result, communication is easier and much more productive as compared to when the work was being done at the other end of the world.

High literacy rates

The Global Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum last year put Costa Rica at the top of the list of countries with a high quality of education in Latin America. The country has a comprehensive education system that is producing some of the brightest minds in the region. This is extremely beneficial because the quality of work that emerges from the country can be trusted to be amazing.

Vibrant developer community

The government, individuals, and leading educational institutes in the country realize that there is a surge in outsourced software development work. A lot has been done in this regard, and the result is that a diverse and versatile pool of developers has emerged in Costa Rica. This is supported by the fact that many leading brands are heading towards this Latin American nation and setting up offices there. Giants like IBM, Amazon, 3M and HP have all either established operation centers or mobilized teams in the country. This can be seen as evidence enough towards the potential of the country.


The benefits certainly don’t end here. The country is safe and quite accessible in terms of travel, and the businesses there have a sound understanding of how to deal with other parties. All in all, there is little doubt to the fact that Costa Rica is rapidly rising as a regional leader in the digital world.


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