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Cyber security: The Role of Software Outsourcing

Cyber security isn’t a fringe issue any more. 2019 has been the year of major state-level breaches with headlines constantly featuring hackers attacking major organizations like Facebook, Toyota, and Marriott. Moreover, security concerns are becoming more pressing owed to the reliance on Internet of Things (IoT). With computers, tables, phones, home appliances and numerous business functions utilizing computer systems, the discussion of cyber security has now become a matter of urgency.

Staying on top of addressing cyber security needs places a strain on a company, which is why many businesses choose the software outsourcing model for this crucial task.

Cyber security entails protection of a computer system from damage or theft of software or electronic data. This protection needs to be all-encompassing as hackers are constantly creating new threats, making cyber security ever-evolving.

Outsourcing as a solution

As cyber security becomes critical for every business, small or large, the gap between cyber security experts and available roles grows. This is why companies are turning to outsourcing as a practical solution. Few companies have the internal IT resources to implement and maintain a cyber security program properly. Even businesses with large IT teams lack the expertise to stay abreast of security threats and developments. Cyber security experts working in reliable and properly vetted third-party companies are a functional answer to both limited resource and staff shortage problem.

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There are many tangible benefits of outsourcing security needs without opening the doors to risks or compromising on quality. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Time and cost

Hiring a cyber security team is a huge expense, in terms of both time and money. It involves setting up the hardware and physical infrastructure, researching security technologies, in addition to training and managing expert security analysts. This whole process involves a considerable set up time, not to mention the ongoing tasks of staff retention.

Thus, a dedicated team managed by a third-party company can provide the required resources at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, these service providers can scale security operations smoothly and quickly, depending on the business’ evolving needs.

Quicker response

You need an efficient risk management strategy in order to stay ahead of the game. A third party provider will evaluate areas of design and implementation that are at risk of a breach. This can significantly reduce downtime and effectively contain the damage.

Choose the right partner

Outsourcing IT is a serious decision, which is why at EX² Outcoding we offer top-of-the-line technical support, in addition to nearshore software development and IT staff augmentation services.

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