Project Description


VICOR is one of the leading Power Conversion Solutions Corporations.

Not only do they design, manufacture and market modular power components and complete power systems to be used in the aerospace and defense electronics, but they also contribute to high-performance computing, industrial equipment and automation, telecommunications and network infrastructure, vehicles and transportation markets.

By 2015 VICOR, was a fast-growing and innovative corporation, needed to continue to enable growth by reducing their operational costs without compromising the quality of their product, delivery times or service to their many loyal customers.

While looking at their off-shore team’s performance, they noticed an opportunity to move to a near-shore location, that will work more promptly, efficiently and with a higher quality, delivering performance at their standards or even above their expectations. Due to this they started the search for the right partner, for someone that will leave the off-shore experience behind and adapt rapidly to their future business needs.


to Build a Powerful Partnership

Costa Rica has proven time and time again that it is the most popular outsourcing hub. This is not only because of its time zone affinity with the US, but also because of the political and economic situation, as well as the talent pool, continuous stability and growth.

These are only some of the reasons why Costa Rica caught VICOR Corporation eye when it came to embark on their search for the perfect match for their operational requirements.

EX² Outcoding’s 20 year trajectory as a specialized outsourcer based on our professional screening, hiring and developing processes, our seamless project implementation capabilities and our understanding, ownership and commitment to each one of our clients really transmitted the stability, professionalism, and vision to VICOR and they saw the long-term partnership potential almost right away.

VICOR and EX² Outcoding initiated their business relations by launching a service project for .Net shortly after, having demonstrated our capacity, we moved into sourcing for two Java Developer positions under the Staff Augmentation Model.

We went from two to seven Java Developers in a short period of time. We are very proud of our team’s technical and communication skills, their proactive approach and their sense of urgency.

Sharing this sense of pride, VICOR stands next to us, showing a true vote of trust. Our team of seven has become a true extension of the US team, closing more than 100 projects and tickets together in just a year.


What customers say?

“I like how the team has developed over the last year technically, but more importantly how the team has developed into a tight group, almost like a family. Another aspect I like about the team are their daily scrums. Most of the time the scrums are serious, but sometimes we joke and laugh at ourselves”.

Al Doyle,
Director of Software Engineering

Outcoding’s recruitment team is great at finding potential candidates with the right technical skills. Sometimes they think outside the box and offer candidates that might not fit all the requirements, but offered true potential that actually turned into great hires. One important aspect is that Outcoding allows the client to pick the candidates themselves after a tough selection process. Not all companies practice this approach”.

Al Doyle,
Director of Software Engineering