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AI Landscape for Tech Companies

Expanding Horizons: AI Landscape for Tech Companies

Artificial intelligence technology has been around a good while now, so it is interesting to find out exactly how the AI landscape is looking for tech companies today.

The recently published MIT Technology Review Insights survey of 301 business and technology leaders provides an interesting overview, with 62% of those surveyed saying that they are currently using AI technologies. Larger organizations have a much higher AI deployment rate at 80%, with only 58% of smaller organizations deploying AI now.

These numbers show that AI is well on its way to becoming a commonplace technology that can be beneficial to all sizes of organizations. The stats are clearly skewed towards larger companies – those that generate $500 million or more revenue – though this is often the case with new technologies as the larger companies have the money to invest immediately. Smaller companies must be a little more cautious, although cloud-based AI is helping keep the cost down so many are benefiting from AI applications in the cloud.

How AI is Being Implemented Now

According to the MIT Technology Review Insights survey, over three-quarters (77%) of respondents using AI were using cloud-based AI applications. A much smaller but still significant 39% had implemented AI on hardware servers, with 33% having put AI on endpoint devices such as laptops or smartphones. Edge computing had AI implemented by 22% of those surveyed.

The big takeaway here is clearly how popular moving IT infrastructure to cloud-based resources has become. There are numerous reasons for this trend, such as the cost-effectiveness of cloud-based AI and the potentially superior computing performance level available through the cloud.

Near Future AI Landscape Implementation

Organizations without AI were included in the research too, with a quarter of them saying they intended to deploy AI technology at some point within the next two years. This is because many are realizing that there are a lot of ways that AI enhances human activity rather than replacing it. AI technology can accelerate efforts to increase operational efficiency, as well as help an organization gain deeper insights into their customers.

We are certainly approaching a point where failure to implement some AI tech risks leaving a company behind. Currently, only 15% of those without any AI said they had no plans to implement AI at all. There was a significant difference between larger and smaller companies, with very few larger organizations indicating they had no future AI plans. The number of smaller companies – those with less than $5 million in revenue – with no AI plans was nearly four times as many as larger organizations.

Also discovered by MIT’s study was the general lack of a plan that many organizations are implementing AI technology. Only 35% declared that they were introducing AI integrations according to a defined strategy, with larger organizations more likely to have a plan than others.

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