ReforEXtemos: 250 trees successfully planted!

It was as early as 8:30 am that morning when we were all with our smiles up on our faces, ready to get our hands dirty and to show our love for our eco-system, mother nature and in hopes of driving change, bring awareness around the preservation and caring for our environment and the impact that we have on it, especially since the landmark that we chose to plant these trees was a forgotten land, a place that had not seen the human hand or the caring love of nature for over 10 years and that we hope to soon see bringing shade, birds and cool breeze for those who in the future will be able to enjoy of this now beautiful landmark.

All of this, was possible because of our 25 Outcoders who gave their hard labor, dedication and motivation, 30 Liceo San Miguel Students also joined and proved that the world can be a better place, that education counts and that they can make a difference.

As we all came together this past Thursday August 25th to make Desamparados, a much more prepared place for the future, for our young and for the earth, planting a total of 250 ICE donated local endemic trees at the Liceo facilities and landmark. We were supported by hardware store EPA, who kindly provided us with the tools needed to accomplish our mission and by 11:30am we all were satisfied, covered on dirt and feeling already rewarded with the results of our hard work.

As fun and rewarding as this activity was, it was certainly not an easy one, for which we want to thank all of you who were a part of this extremely important activity, a part of a long-lasting support to nature and a great example for those students, that demonstrated education is always first, and that it is not just limited to a classroom but goes along with us, wherever we are.

Reaching-Out is always promoting campaigns that are pivotal to education, social responsibility and environmental improvement footprint, all Outcoders are always invited to join the now forming committee that will help us collaborate with our community, as we give back a little bit of all we receive every day from every angle. If you have particular interest on any of these campaigns, 6 that are planned for the year, please approach us, be a part of something bigger than ourselves, join the cause and see how Reaching-Out can be rewarding to you.

Many thanks to all involved who made this amazing activity possible.

Reaching Out
Social Responsibility Committee
EX² Outcoding Solutions SRL