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Should You Fix Your Old Business Website or Build One from Scratch?

Website development can often go wrong.

You can end up with a website that just won’t convert, may not reflect your brand values, or may suffer from performance issues.

That’s when you must decide to sort things out.

You’ll have two approaches that you can then choose from:

  1. Fixing your old website
  2. Building a new website from the ground up

Which one should you go for?

Project Website: Fix or Rebuild

There are some instances where rebuilding a website makes more sense than fixing the old one.

For example, if your website is more than three years old, rebuilding it is almost always a better option than fixing it.

This is because web trends rapidly evolve, and as such, the design and interface of your website could be very much outdated. Sprucing here might yield little value.

A rebuild also makes sense when you have a heavily penalized website.

Websites that have been red-flagged on several occasions in the past need time before they can re-establish their reputation with the search engines.

This can be an issue if you run a website that’s primarily responsible for generating leads for your business.

Another scenario where rebuilding is a better option, is when you have a website with a weak code.

custom web design

Websites with weak codes are guaranteed to experience issues down the line. Today, you fix one rot, and tomorrow you have another one to take care of.

So while you’re in the trenches, why not get your hands dirty once and for all, and bug-proof the future of your small business website?

However, this doesn’t mean you should always start from scratch.

If you have a website built on strong foundations, then fixing the holes could be a more viable option.

Minor issues are also best handled with a fixing job.

Likewise, if the team working on your website is the same team that originally built it, then fixing the website makes more sense than rebuilding it.

Still confused?

If you still can’t decide whether you should fix your old website or build a new one, you can talk to our web development experts for tailored guidance; they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Contact us for further information!

Contact us for further information!

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