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Geo-location Marketing

How Brands Are Using Mobile Applications for Geo-location Marketing

Geo-location is the latest technological trend to take over mobile application development and design. Location based applications function by estimating the geographical location of smart devices with the help of your public IP address, cell tower ID and other factors. While majority of the location based commercial applications, such as Google Maps, Uber, and Lyft use geo-location to only provide services to customers, some companies are also exploring the potential of geo-location-based applications as an effective marketing tool.

Here’s how brands are implementing geo-location-based marketing techniques through mobile applications.

Beacons for Alerts

Beacons are essentially location targeting tools. This small sensor uses Bluetooth to gather location data from devices in close proximity. This helps in creating a virtual image of their shop and the current position of each customer. By using the information collected by the beacon, brands can trigger location based alerts for better engagement. For example, you can send a greeting to your customers as they enter your store through beacons.

Predictive Analysis for Increase In-store Traffic

With the help of location data and predictive analytics, brands can increase their in-store foot traffic. To understand this concept, consider the example of a fast food chain that uses location data to identify individuals that frequently visit their franchises. The chain can use this data to predict the time and place at which these individuals are most receptive to advertisements, and then target them accordingly.

Weather Based Advertising

With the help of geo-location, brands can implement weather based advertising strategies. For marketing, brands are using geo-location to send daily text messages and emails with weather alerts to customers in different parts of the globe. The alerts also contain promotional content and links to purchase their products, which increases profitability and boost sales.

Location based mobile applications are more common now than ever before. Businesses can use these applications to deploy geo-location based marketing tactics for the growth of their ventures. If you’re looking for experienced mobile application developers to help you reap the benefits of this emerging trend, get in touch with us!

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