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4 Reasons Your Website Bounce Rate is High

The bounce rate refers to the number of people that enter your website and leave from the same page. It’s something that marketers dread and businesses try desperately to reduce. If your website has a relatively high bounce rate, you’re not alone. Majority of websites experiences rates anywhere from 26–70%.

In this blog, we present 4 reasons why your website’s bounce rate is high and what you can do to reduce it.

Page Takes Too Long to Load

The people at Google have made it clear that your website’s speed is taken into account during ranking, so it should be included in your SEO agenda. This is because Google seeks to promote websites that provide a positive user experience and slow loading pages are anything but positive. Plus, Millennials have extremely short attention spans and are likely to quit the webpage if it takes too long to load.

It may take time for webmasters to improve a website’s performance, but corrective measures such as compressing large files, images and utilizing browser caching prove effective in increasing the speed. Also, you can use tools that help you analyze your page speed and also recommend possible solutions.

Low-Quality Content

At times, people expend too many resources into creating a beautiful website but give little thought to the quality of their content. It’s highly likely that the reason visitors bounce off your webpage is because you’re content is simply not up to the mark or has a lot of errors. There’s a vast difference between written publications and writing content for the Web. Analyze your content to check whether it’s easily readable, related to your product and/or services or relevant to the targeted market.

Powerful and well-written content is what retains customer attention and keeps them coming back to your website.

Technical Errors

An exceptionally high bounce rate with people spending just a couple of seconds on the webpage can also indicate blank webpages, incomplete loading or 404 errors. Try to access the website through popular search browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari to see what the users’ experience is. If there is a technical error, get it fixed ASAP otherwise it won’t take long to fall out of Google’s search results.

Misleading Title Tags

If your website’s content isn’t accurately reflected by the Meta description or title tag, you have a problem on your hands. Visitors may enter your website expecting something else and leave disappointed. Websites sometimes try to increase traffic by using clickbait keywords only to have their strategies backfire. Fortunately, this problem is simple to fix and requires adjusting the Meta and title tags according to the content.

These steps will help lower your website’s bounce rate and contribute to future sales and growth. Our website development services in Costa Rica help tweak any, and all problems your website may have and significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Contact us today!

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