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How AI Can Transform Digital Marketing

How AI Can Transform Digital Marketing

A lot of digital marketing relies on data analysis and there is no better analyzer of data than artificial intelligence. AI is truly transforming how we market our content and ad campaigns, and it is even starting to generate basic content by itself (with a little human guidance).

Let’s look closer at what AI marketing is and how AI can transform digital marketing.

Basics of AI Digital Marketing

AI marketing helps reduce the amount of guesswork involved in the likes of email marketing and customer support. It simply uses technology to improve and gain insight from your customers’ interactions with your website and social media. By using big data analytics and other processes like machine learning, you can get a more accurate picture of what your customers are reacting well to, and what is turning them away. You can then use this data to design more effective customer touchpoints and a more successful customer journey from initial click to check-out.

You can also apply AI to content generation and PPC ads by automating processes that would otherwise need start-to-finish generation by a human.

AI in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing campaigns can greatly benefit from the integration of AI by its ability to reduce or even eliminate the human error factor. A human’s capacity for creative innovation will always be a driving force of marketing in any form, but AI’s relentless analysis of data will only enhance our creativity.

We can use AI’s data analysis as a platform for our creativity, applying that human touch to a campaign that has been built upon reliable information concerning what works and what doesn’t.

AI Content Generation

Content being artificially created might sound outrageous considering all the variables involved, but it is already happening. AI is already capable of generating content at a basic level. Parameters are entered and it will generate an initial draft which can then be finalized by a human. The AI can then analyze data to understand when and where to place that content.

AI can also help digital marketers plan out a content strategy. Now, the AI needs help from us humans with regards to the parameters it is working within, but there are already marketing tools out there that rely on AI to help design and develop end-to-end content strategies. Exactly how automated this process will become in the future is hard to say as it is difficult to imagine a time where no human intervention or direction is required. However, we’ve said that about a lot of technological processes in the past that are now fully automated. Perhaps content generation will also get there eventually.

AI Digital Advertising

Like how AI can help generate and market content, the same processes can be used for more direct advertising purposes. Autonomous processes that generate the right advert to appear in front of the right person at the right time are already in place and growing in popularity to the point where other forms of advertising are slowly becoming obsolete.

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