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How AI Will Transform Software Development

How AI Will Transform Software Development

Artificial intelligence is already influencing how developers create applications and how users interact with them, and the impact of AI is only going to increase over time. More and more businesses and organizations are appreciating the benefits of AI technologies, and its implementation is already transforming the roles of software developers.

While software development is always undergoing some evolution or another, AI is becoming one of the biggest game-changers since electronic computers themselves were invented. This doesn’t mean software developers will soon be redundant, but that they will need to execute different strategies and acquire new skills to work effectively with AI.

Business Investment in AI Keeps Growing

Statistics published by Forbes revealed that 80% of businesses have already invested in some form of AI, such as machine learning or deep learning. They say 30% of businesses are planning on expanding their AI investments over the next 36 months, with over twice that number planning on hiring a Chief AI Officer in the future. It is also predicted that AI tools will provide close to $3 trillion in corporate value within the near future.

It is easy to see what the fuss is about when you look at how AI is already transforming software development.

Improving Code Quality with AI

One of the biggest software development problems being solved by AI technology is code quality. AI improves code accuracy through automated code review and automated code optimization.

AI-enabled coding apps will also be able to incorporate an auto-complete function into various stages of the development process, ultimately speeding up the coding process as well as improving the accuracy of the code. This gives developers more time to solve other problems and get creative with their web designs.

Safer Upgrades with Automated DevOps

AI-enabled tools will also increase the efficiency of deployment control tasks such as upgrading programs or apps to the latest versions. Upgrading software without AI has an element of danger to it, as just one failure to complete a process correctly can have disastrous consequences on the whole project. Machine learning AI technologies remove this previously ever-present danger of deployment failure.

Vigilant AI Code Security

A vital aspect of software development is code security, which includes the likes of vulnerability assessments and static or dynamic security reviews. Developers can use AI to examine data and differentiate typical behavior from unusual behavior. Including AI in the development process can also ensure warnings and notifications are received in a timelier manner.

Additional Benefits of AI in Software Development

One of the additional benefits developers can see with AI are more accurate estimates for budgets and project timelines. Usually, an accurate estimate of both the cost and the timeframe of a project requires a large amount of experience in software development as well as deep knowledge of the project’s context and the team of developers themselves. Machine learning will use data from previous projects to generate a calculated estimate of time and cost.

Other AI benefits for software development include code refactoring, error handling and automatic analytics, as well as the ability to use AI assistants to improve strategic decision making and build quick prototypes.

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