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How Is AI Used in Software Development

How Is AI Used in Software Development?

While artificial intelligence can never entirely replace software developers, it is making their lives a lot easier. The automation of time-consuming and tedious tasks with AI and machine learning frees up a lot of time that can be used more creatively.

But exactly how is AI used in software development? Let’s find out.

Faster Code Compilation & Assistance

AI-managed code compilers are being used by software developers to convert software code into machine language. Machine learning is already improving the speed and quality of the code compiled, even though the technology is still in the developmental phase.

Similarly, AI-based programming assistants are also growing in popularity as software developers use them to help with code debugging and code-driven testing, as well as with code compilation itself. AI-based programming assistants enable developers to write code in practically every programming language with the AI assistants using programming language libraries to complete code lines and amend syntax.

Automated Testing Processes

The code-driven testing assistance mentioned above is a massive deal all by itself. AI automation makes the software testing process much faster and easier for developers. The AI testing process is also more accurate and effective, with human error and bias being almost eliminated. It is so good because the AI never loses concentration or gets distracted by the thought of all the things it’d rather be doing other than running boring testing procedures.

AI testing will quickly identify errors and bugs, automatically creating reports without any need for a slow and easily distracted human. In fact, AI and machine learning can improve the entire software deployment process including code upgrades and multiple software deployment control tasks.

Planning and Decision-Making

Planning a software development project takes time and precision but is extremely streamlined when planned with AI. AI algorithms assist with decision-making throughout the project from the planning phase, through to testing, and to launch.

Estimating costs and timeframes is also achieved quickly using previous experience of similar projects and tasks. AI also create software development roadmaps, calculating all the potential outcomes and challenges which may arise.

With faster and more accurate data analysis, along with the ability to determine vital parameters and map-out a strategy, AI has already become essential to the planning process.

Superior Security

Security is crucial for any software that collects sensitive data, especially in order to analyze and recognize anomalous behavior. AI can screen the data to distinguish the anomalous behavior from typical behavior, such as detecting malware before it enters the system.

Dynamic User Behavior Responses

AI algorithms can better understand user behavior so developers can provide an even better user experience by automatically adjusting on-page elements such as font sizes, screen sizes and button layout.

Using real-time user interaction data, developers can create personalized and dynamic responses for each user. This will improve software functionality, reduce friction and pain points and minimize abandoned carts, all with the aim of increasing the conversion rate.

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