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How Staff Augmentation Ensures Software QA

Companies these days have to find innovative and reliable ways to integrate new technology into their practices in order to improve consumer interactions. But while software development has been receiving a great deal of attention, a lack of focus on QA has led to the marketplace being inundated with buggy applications.

Top development executives use IT staff augmentation providers to improve the quality assurance process and gain a competitive edge. These providers not only augment permanent staff, but also help businesses conceptualize their development projects.

Here’s how segmented staff contributes to the QA testing process:

Software quality

Substandard software products are plaguing the American technology industry. A report published by The Consortium for IT Software Quality showed that poor software cost US companies above $2.5 trillion dollars in 2018 alone.

According to the report, one of the major contributors to this was money spent finding and fixing bugs, legacy software system issues, dealing with canceled projects, and human errors.

One way in which software services can manage these losses is by fixing software defects before the software launch. This is particularly important since the same report stated that developers make about 150 errors per every thousand lines of code.

Specialized QA testers and engineers not only conduct comprehensive tests on the final product, but also decrease the probability of a major data breach.

Quite often, software development engineers who work as QA testers use their understanding of the software development lifecycle and programming skills to clearly identify poorly written code.

UI and UX design

While many team leads consider the design aspect of software as an isolated component, experts believe that the design should be incorporated into every step of the development process. User Interface (UI) refers to the look and feel of the software while User Experience (UX) focuses on software functionality.

By introducing QA early on in the testing phase, staff augmentation companies combined with QA testing help software engineers keep the user experience and feature functionality in check during the development phase of the project.

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Customer-centric mindset

Customer-focused software designs increase sales; however, a lot of traditional software development methodologies treat customer satisfaction as an afterthought.

Since not all companies have the ability to involve a large number of end users in the development cycle, software developers and manual testers can be of incredible value. These specialists test deliverables from the customer’s perspective. Augmenting your staff with these QA testing specialists can make a notable impact on overall sales.

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