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How to Manage a Nearshore Development Team Effectively

How to Manage a Nearshore Development Team Effectively

Hiring a nearshore development team doesn’t just involve getting them onboard and then leaving them to it. To help you achieve your business goals, they will need to understand your vision and how you want to achieve it. Therefore, you need to know how to manage a nearshore development team effectively.

A nearshore firm might not be in the same building as your in-house staff, but they are absolutely team members all together. This means that you will need to know how to manage a nearshore development team effectively. That way you can maximize their abilities and help them work seamlessly with your team.

Here we look at how to manage a nearshore development team effectively, from what information you should share with the nearshore team to what tools communication methods you should use to manage a nearshore development team effectively.

Sharing Key Project Information

When onboarding a new team, it is very important that you share all the key project information with them so they are fully aware of the current situation as well as previous problems and future goals.

It can be tempting to only give the new staff the bare minimum of what you think they need to perform a particular task, but they will definitely benefit from insight into the bigger picture. Part of this is that sharing as much knowledge as possible with your nearshore team means they will be able to apply their own knowledge and experience to identify difficult issues ahead of time and offer useful solutions.

Not equipping the new team members with this knowledge will affect their ability to maximize their performance. By ensuring they are fully informed, communication will be more effective, and the organization of the tasks and processes will be more fluid.

Maintaining Clear Communication Channels

Communication is pretty much the key to everything here, so ensuring you have multiple clear communication channels is crucial. Both in-house and nearshore teams must be able to speak quickly and easily to each other and share any and all developments.

This is where using a nearshore outsourcing company is far superior to using an offshore company. The similar time zones of nearshore firms mean there will always be an overlap of each team’s working day, plus the English proficiency of Latin American IT specialists makes exchanging information simple.

Email and instant messaging are two useful tools for setting up clear communication channels between the in-house and nearshore teams, but it can also be helpful to use the likes of Skype or Zoom to video conference as well. This kind of communication builds a rapport between the two teams.

Aligning Technology Tools

It is good management of a nearshore team to understand what technology tools they will be using for their tasks. This can help you align what they are using with what your in-house team will be using.

It is also possible that the nearshore team has options and can choose the tool that best aligns with the tools your in-house will use. This can help eliminate potential issues such as core integration issues and buggy software.

By aligning the tools to be used for various parts of the project such as software development, you can make sure the processes are completed according to schedule.

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