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IT Staff Augmentation: 4 Key Benefits

Staying Agile in a business environment that is continuously shifting is no easy task. Technology is continually evolving and placing pressure on companies to seek a strong competitive advantage.

Failing to react to opportune moments can lead to disastrous consequences for any IT firm. Producing IT expertise in order to meet rising demands is a costly and complicated challenge.

Fortunately, IT staff augmentation helps companies successfully overcome such obstacles by quickly and effectively recruiting qualified staff when needed. With the average cost of recruitment ranging anywhere from $3500 to $6500, staff augmentation is vital for businesses seeking access to eligible employees.

In this blog, we discuss a few key benefits companies stand to gain for IT staff augmentation.

Access to Larger Talent Pools

When used as a tool for short-term hiring, staff augmentation enables firms to access a large pool of skilled and talented IT professionals.

Companies have greater access to millennials coupled with intensive skill training. They are domain-centric and possess specialized talents that prove unique and beneficial.

It allows companies that are short on budget to hire experienced professionals to work on temporary projects, thus providing higher quality services.

Permanent staffing, on the other hand, restricts a company’s ability to leverage a wider market talent. It’s expensive and doesn’t allow for scalability in the workforce.

Cost Effective

Staff augmentation allows IT enterprises to reduce costs at various levels. Augmentation workers are paid only for the time they work and the process eliminates the need for expensive recruitment drives, taxes, employee benefits, and more.

Since candidates are selected on the basis of expertise, there is no need to invest in extensive training programs saving both valuable time and resources.

Improved Control

Unlike outsourcing, staff augmentation enables businesses to perform regular monitoring and control every aspect of the project at all times. Outsourcing is a risky endeavor because the quality of the services entirely depends on the expertise of the outsourced firm.

Staff augmentation provides greater control over the project resulting in improved efficiency. Also, the security risk and privacy associated with outsourcing are non-existent.

Counteract Attrition

Another key benefit of staff augmentation is its ability to prevent stagnation of delivery times and crucial project management.

As the country’s economic conditions continue to improve, IT employees are searching for better career opportunities. In such a scenario, staff augmentation is a viable solution for both firms and employees and makes it possible for businesses to overcome staffing and talent issues.

Due to its benefits over traditional staffing models, staff augmentation is becoming an increasingly popular staffing model, especially for IT firms.

it staff augmentation services

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