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IT staff augmentation flow

IT Staff Augmentation Process Flow

IT Staff augmentation is especially popular with specialist IT positions, where certain skill sets can be extremely valuable for a project but less so once that project has been completed.

The recruitment processes for permanent employees can also take a lot of time and is costly due to recruitment fees. Therefore, IT staff augmentation companies solve two problems at once by saving time while providing your business with the exact skills needed when you need them.

Here we explain the differences between ordinary outsourcing and technical staff augmentation and walk through the basic process flow.

Differences Between Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation

There are similarities between outsourcing and staff augmentation, though the latter requires more detail regarding the projects that the new staff will work on. The job description and project will need to be fully explained to the company providing the new staff, as well as all details regarding the development and deployment phases.

Resource expectations should also be made clear, including details around working hours and project duration. These job details help the IT staff augmentation process flow and allows the company to align your needs with the ideal talent. This helps ensure the smooth integration with your company and optimal performance on your project.

The IT Staff Augmentation Process Flow: Step by Step 

Ultimately the basic staff augmentation process flow can be broken down into four simple steps which we outline below.

Step 1: Identify Your Requirements

Before beginning a search for people with the right kind of skills to enhance your team, you must identify precisely which skills you need to introduce. Understand what specifications you will require of the candidates, such as their abilities and experience, as well as any particular qualifications. You will also need to determine exactly how many of such suitable individuals you want to employ.

Step 2: Search and Review

After you have identified the kind of candidates you are searching for, the logical next step in the process is to begin searching, which staff augmentation company will carry out the work on your behalf with the information received about your requirements. There are a variety of ways to review the suitability of applicants, including the conducting of interviews and any tests you wish them to pass to ensure their eligibility before they join your team.

Step 3: Onboard New Team Members

The onboarding part of the process begins once you have reviewed and identified your new team members. The new team member will need to meet the other team members and learn about your company’s values as well as your daily processes and procedures. They may be experts within their particular field or skill set, but they will still need some help to settle in and get comfortable in their new workplace.

Step 4: Provide Staff Support

Once the new team members have been integrated into the workforce, ongoing support should be provided to ensure cooperation is as efficient as possible. Provide opportunities for feedback which will help you build a strong and ever-improving relationship with your augmented staff.

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