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IT Staff Augmentation Services

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Our experienced team of developers, designers and more can provide your business with effective IT Staff Augmentation services. EX2 Outcoding can design, implement and manage all of the best quality database and content management systems, as well as build high performance apps and combine back-end and front-end development languages to provide you with innovative, engaging and easy-to-use websites and applications.

We are proud to boast a secure network as well as advanced servers. We also utilize an excellent internet connection, which enables us to function for 24 hours, with seamless connectivity and high bandwidth. All of which allows us to provide many IT Staff Augmentation services.

Back-End Development

Back-end development languages are the unsung heroes of attractive web applications and high-quality user experiences. Working in tandem with front-end technology, back-end code manages the core functionality of websites, powering the website by connecting the web to a database and managing user connections.

Our team at EX2 Outcoding is fluent in all the back-end development languages such as C# and ASP.Net, as well as Java, PHP, Python and Ruby, depending on whether the required back-end programming is object-oriented or functional.

Front- End Development

There are also different front-end development languages which solve different front-end issues. There is an ongoing debate among developers as to which code is superior out of Angular and React, but our team is fluent in both codes and thus able to identify the ideal solutions in every situation.

We are also skilled with HTML5 and JavaScript, with the former primarily used for creating static web content and the latter for creating more dynamic functions and features.

Mobile App Development

We can develop the mobile apps for Android, iOS and also React Native or Xamarin. Devised by the creators of Facebook, React Native requires fluency in both JavaScript and React, while the Microsoft-developed Xamarin requires good knowledge of C#.

Our team has the required expertise with both excellent mobile app development frameworks, allowing us to build high performance apps with platform-specific hardware acceleration exactly as you need.

Database Management Systems

We can implement and manage the best database management systems. This includes MongoDB which is a dynamic object-oriented and scalable NoSQL database system. We are also experts with the Oracle multi-model database management system, as well as the relational database management system known as MySQL.

Another relational database management system that we can implement and manage for you is SQL Server which was developed by Microsoft and features comprehensive advanced features and management tools. We also provide ongoing technical support to help our clients achieve the highest levels of scalability, security and reliability.

Content Management Systems

Our team is able to install and manage a variety of content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. These CMS software’s allow you to create beautiful websites, blogs and powerful online applications.

While Joomla and WordPress have beginner-friendly features enabling the less skilled to begin creating content immediately, the more advanced features require some skill to maximize their effectiveness. Drupal also requires a significant amount of coding expertise to achieve the high levels of reliable performance, strong security and customizability, which we here at Outcoding are fully equipped with.

How we Approach our IT Staff Augmentation Services

It begins with our leadership, meeting up and discussing the details with our clients. This helps us to clearly define the full scope of your project and the requirements. We understand that all clients and projects have varying needs and that each project is unique.

Following this we set the recruitment process and hiring in motion, facilitating and helping our clients. We enjoy the perks of an excellent and advanced talent matching procedure, which helps us find and match what is most suitable for our client’s needs.

If you are interested in finding out more about our professional IT staff augmentation service, please contact our team on +1 800 9747219 ext. 202 or info@outcoding.com. Alternatively, completed the form on our contact page here and a member of our team will contact you.

Contact us for further information!

Contact us for further information!

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