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Leading Web Design Trends to Dominate 2021

As we start a new year, it has become ever clearer which web design trends are going to dominate throughout the next twelve months. Here we run through the leading web design trends you can expect to see more of during 2021.

Smart Content Loading

Improving website loading times is always going to be a leading web design trend for as long as websites exist, and 2021 will see the further development of smart content loading.

Smart content loading websites will only download the content that the user currently needs to see, making the load time much faster. It is an extension of lazy loading, which is another load time saver that will continue to be used by websites seeking to enhance their user experience.

Split-Screen Layouts

This simple design concept allows a website page to display two separate elements at the same time, such as some text alongside an image, with the idea being that each element will complement the other and give the page an organized and pleasing aesthetic.

You can also use a split-screen layout to segment separate content for different audiences or products and services. For the latter, you would be able to have an overview of the product or service on one half of the screen and more detail regarding specific benefits on the other.

3D and Floating Elements

Many websites have used some form of 3D design for some time now, but new 3D web technology is likely to make it even easier and more effective in 2021. A well-made 3D design can be visually stunning and encourage visitors to stay on the website and explore further.

Floating elements is an extension of this idea and involves layering designs to make them more visually appealing. Your website will need to be fast-loading and well-optimized to take full advantage of this trend.

Overlapping Graphics and Photography

Graphics overlaid on high quality photographs is really starting to catch on and will be one of the most popular web design trends next year. Animations on static photography will add extra visual elements and allow firms to reinforce their company branding.

Apart from looking awesome, the main advantage of overlapping graphics on photography is the extra depth it adds to the website which again will encourage visitors to engage with the site and explore further.

Dark Modes

Dark modes were a big trend during 2020, but their inclusion as an option on websites is set to continue growing in popularity. There are a lot of advantages to dark modes other than being less of a strain on the eyes, such as helping some of the visual design elements to stand out.

They also look very modern, with many of the major online presences such as Facebook and Twitter offering a dark mode option.

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