Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

“A breakthrough in machine learning would be worth ten Microsofts” Bill Gates

Microsoft is the world’s third most valuable brand with a worth of almost $105 billion and Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. These stats put into perspective the extent of what the founder of Microsoft is referring to.

Machines in the 21st century are increasingly becoming automated reducing the amount of human interference that they require in executing day to day operations. Tools and software now allow state-of-the-art equipment and tech to make small decisions on their own in order to increase efficiency and productivity of an organization.

Here we shed light on a few basic concepts and trends that are emerging in the field so that individuals and organizations can embrace themselves for what’s coming next.

What is machine learning?

The concept is based on the idea that machines can interpret and learn from the functions that they execute on a daily basis. They can identify patterns and sequences of data in order to perform functions that would require human intervention from time to time. It allows everyday tasks to be executed while minimizing errors that might be caused due to human lapse and errors.

The distinguishing factors of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a much broader concept that encompasses the idea of machines being completely independent of humans, by making intelligent choices in everyday circumstances. Machine learning is only a sub branch of artificial intelligence. It involves feeding algorithms into the computers so that they can automatically execute the operations that would otherwise require a person to initiate.

Examples of artificial intelligence systems include the advanced voice recognition software from Google and Apple as well as self-driving cars. Machine learning, on the other hand, involves systems that can automatically sort and analyze data and then generate results for a certain organizational function.

Recent trends in machine learning

The machine learning industry is growing as rapidly as there is progress being witnessed in the artificial learning domain. This is because of the numerous benefits that this technology offers. Some trends in machine learning include the following:

  • While machine learning tools are available to large-scale manufacturers and tech giants like Apple, IBM, and Facebook, there is still a scarcity for normal developers to work with this technology. This is expected to change in the coming years with all major companies working on ways to make it happen.
  • Platforms like Amazon Macie are early examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning being applied to IT operations. This allows these functions to become predictive rather than reactive and increases the chances of more productive results. This trend is expected to grow as the year rolls on with plans to extensively apply machine learning data sets to operations.

The benefits of machine learning are enormous and the amount of research and development that is being dedicated towards it is testament to its potential. It is a technology that is worth keeping a lookout for.


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