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Making Software Quality a Critical Priority

Even though automation testing has been widely accepted with open minds, the importance of functional testing hasn’t died down. Since software is complex, many applications still need to be parsed by humans in order to make sure no bugs are present and to prevent the risk of them proliferating. However, quality assurance does not end there.

Unfortunately, the mistake many testers make is to rely one hundred percent on functional testing and refuse to look at all the other ways they can ensure quality of a software product. This could be due to a number of reasons, including lack of skill and technical knowledge, or simply, outdated knowledge of the testing landscape.

Since quality assurance is all about finding different ways to discover quality-related information, here are some ways to do it to help your stakeholders make informed decisions.

Make Sure to Perform a UX Review

One of the main things to take care of is to keep the UX consistent and focus on stabilizing the product. This can be done by performing a UX Review of the entire application including all the icons, texts, key flows, different features and even the personas.

A good chain of thought would include questions that give you insight into user touchpoints for example; does the application have any garden paths? And how are we handling points of contact with the users?

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Don’t Leave Out Competitor Analysis

Many testers and quality assurance professionals make the mistake of zeroing in on the product at hand and appear to have no idea what their competition is doing. Even though this will still ensure a great product for the customer, it will not be the best one and will contain loopholes that could give the competition an edge over them.

Make sure you read about your competition, follow their websites, blogs and social media and use that information to analyze strengths and weakness in comparison with your own company and your own products.

Search for Risks That Could Cause Delays

As a requirement for the job, software testers are great at thinking up probable risk scenarios that could cause serious delays. These could come in handy when you’re developing and testing the application by helping the developers code in a way to avoid those risks, while the testers will follow a similar perspective of keeping the risks in mind while testing the application.

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