3 Benefits of Using Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP

Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Microsoft Dynamics Navision

The modern business environment is extremely complex. In the face of cutthroat competition, organizations have been forced to proliferate product lines, diversify their markets and expand their marketing across a variety of new digital channels. But despite this focus on aggressive expansion, growing companies are finding themselves losing out to more agile industry upstarts. A great portion of these difficulties can be blamed on the rising number of processes, workflows, and activities handled by medium-sized companies.

As business operations become increasingly difficult to organize and manage, an ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics Navision offers organizations the ability to consolidate enterprise-wide data into one repository that can monitor and control all these diverse activities from one central location.


What is Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Microsoft Dynamics Navision is a powerful and extremely flexible enterprise resource planning solution that offers a broad range of capabilities to professional users. Amongst many other functions, the software covers: accounting, payroll, financial reporting, sales, customer support, project management and warehouse management. As you can see, integrating this solution into your business processes can optimize your daily operations and enhance strategic decision-making in a variety of ways.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision Software Improves Financial Management

Microsoft Dynamics Navision

The Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides managers with an end-to-end overview of their company’s financial metrics at the click of a button. From accounts payable and receivable to inventory, fixed assets and the general ledger; this software gives you real-time insights into the financial data underlying each area of your organization. Armed with this understanding you can:

  • Identify spare capital that could be reinvested more profitably.
  • Work to minimize key cost drivers across different business functions.
  • Monitor each fixed asset across its useful life paying attention to yearly depreciation and disposal values. This will help you stay on top of investment requirements for the future.
  • Makes receivables more transparent, which should optimize your collection processes and improve your cash flow situation.
  • Comes pre-equipped with a variety of international accounting protocols such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, IFRS and GAAP which ensures that your financial reports including balance sheets and income statements are kept compliant across all locations.
  • Allows for integrated financial management between different currencies, locations and industries.

Connects Customer Relationship Insights to the Rest of the Organization

One the best features of Microsoft Dynamics Nav, is its ability to bring together the back-end and front-end processes of an organization. Usually, marketing, sales and customer support are separated from support functions like IT, Finance, and Logistics, but this ERP solution allows you to leverage data from different areas of the enterprise to inform your processes in another function. For example, the customer preferences and trends identified through your CRM system could be used to optimize production planning in your purchasing department.

Alternatively, real-time information from your warehouse could be used to increase the accuracy of your customer support and sales functions. Of course, in order to take advantage of these capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics Nav training will need to be undertaken across the organization.

Cloud Services

As a SaaS solution, Microsoft Dynamics Navision offers users all the benefits of the cloud. First, users can access the suite of services from any location at any time. This is a great advantage for remote employees and field staff that mostly work on portable devices. Cloud solutions are also far easier to implement, requiring a fraction of the up-front investment of a physical rollout. The Microsoft Dynamics ERP can be customized for your needs and integrated into your existing IT architecture in minutes. This also reduces the burden on your internal IT department, as technical support, updates, and day-to-day maintenance will be handled by the cloud service provider.

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