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Microsoft ERP

Microsoft ERP – Why You Need it

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software enables businesses to manage all of their business functions within a centralized and integrated system. Microsoft ERP is versatile management software that not only manages a company’s financial and operational systems but will adapt and enhance its processes as the business itself grows and develops.

The ERP systems from Microsoft are excellent for tracking all the moving parts of a supply chain including manufacturing and distribution. Reporting and human resource activities can also be integrated into the ERP system.

They work by storing all the entered data on a single database, which then allows all relevant departments to access the exact same up-to-date information. The ERP will organize and analyze the data, producing reports to guide business strategy, allocate resources and plan for the future.

Why Microsoft ERP is Important for Modern Businesses

It combines all the different processes of a business such as customer management, human resources, financial management, inventory and supply chain capabilities into one fluid system. This centralized data system improves collaboration between departments and helps decision-makers make data-driven decisions to improve business productivity.

The Microsoft ERP system uses the latest advancements in ERP technology to give your company an advantage over the competition. The Microsoft ERP enhances employee performance and provides opportunities for better customer engagement.

The ERP Market

The ERP market was valued at over $35 billion in 2018 (source: Google), with projected growth of the market set to more than double by 2026. This incredible market growth is down to more and more businesses valuing the operational efficiency, transparency and data-driven decision-making that ERP systems provide.

The massive increase in the use of cloud technology and mobile applications is another driver of the ERP software market boom, with the increase in demand for ERP software especially prevalent among small to medium-sized businesses.

Does Your Business Need ERP?

Your business will need an ERP system if you find that the basic software you currently use puts limits on your market expansion and ability to grow the business in the direction you want, be that locally, nationally or globally.

You may also be aware that your current system isn’t accommodating both your staff and your customers as well as it should. Mobile integration is one obvious element to this, as more and more people these days are interacting with business via their mobiles. Software like the Microsoft ERP integrates all of these technological developments to greatly enhance your workforce’s productivity and improve the customer experience.

If the current systems your company uses aren’t working as well together as they once did, then ERP is the solution you need to synchronize your entire set-up to produce optimal performance across all departments.

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