Microsoft Project Service

Microsoft Project Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers so much more to a business than just customer service tools. Complete with its add-ons for various other external and internal parties it has the ability to control a variety of functions for businesses. The system provides an organization with much-needed automation and high-performance solutions that are a need of the hour in the market today.

Microsoft Project Service is another innovative add-on for the platform. It enables internal users to manage costs and billing information effectively. The easy to understand and user-friendly interfaces provide an extra benefit for team members that might be less technical. The project service automation tool brings together all the relevant costs and resources along with simple analytics in order to make the task much simpler for decision makers.

Basic Function of Project Service

The fundamental function for the platform is to allow organizations to build robust customer relationships by providing them seamless experiences and information throughout the project. It enables you to deliver the required project in the promised time and within the budget initially set out for its completion. This helps organizations cement their reputation of timely delivery and placing customers at the top of the priority scale.

Features of Microsoft Project Service

Project Service automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a wide variety of features that make handling projects a breeze. These include:

  1. Contract management: The system can collect information pertaining to projects and help design sales quotes and contracts for customers to approve. The system highlights key factors for the business-like feasibility and profitability to help them make the decision to take up a project or not,
  2. Resource allocation: Once a contract is approved, the platform tracks the necessary resources within the company and helps executives manage them in the necessary fashion for optimal execution of the project.
  3. Project planning and billing: Microsoft Project Service automation has the capability of creating timelines based on customer requirements and other relevant information as well as creating final invoices and forwarding them to customers or other respective parties.


The discussion about the features and functionalities of Microsoft Project Service given above gives a considerable hint of the benefits that this platform offers. It is easy to use and set-up. It provides access to multiple users and brings together all the appropriate information in one place.

Furthermore, it analyzes and evaluates all this data to create useful analytics that the executives can use to create project timelines, processing plans, resource management as well as costing and billing in an orderly and time-saving manner.

However, predictably there are a few drawbacks. For starters, the advanced features require training for the individuals that intend to use it. Also, reviews suggest that the results generated by the software are precise but they lack a certain degree of sophistication that other project management tools can offer.

Despite the demerits, Microsoft Project Service has more than 20 million users (and counting) worldwide. This provides weight to the fact that the platform and its developers must be getting most of the things right.


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