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Minimalist App Design

How Minimalism is taking Over Mobile App Design

When it comes to business mobile applications, a factor that essentially drives user engagement is application design. As well-designed mobile applications offer better user experience, customers are naturally inclined to use these applications more often, which consequently increases the chances of sales and boosts business profitability.

Therefore, to keep up with the rising competition in the e-commerce landscape, businesses need to ensure that their mobile applications are in line with modern app design trends.

Minimalism is the latest trend to take over the mobile app design space. Minimalism, as the name suggests, is a design technique based on sparseness and simplicity. By combining function and form in the simplest way possible, minimalistic app design offers clear and concise user interface that is easy to navigate through.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some widespread practices of minimalism in mobile application design.

Flat Layout

Flat layout is a prominent feature of all mobile applications with a minimalistic design. Such layouts enhance both usability and overall visual harmony of the application.

By incorporating two dimensional visual details with minimum curves, highlights, shadows and gradients, designers can create neat looking layout for users.

Simple Color Palette

Minimalism is all about keeping the visuals as simple as possible, which is why all minimalist mobile applications follow either a monochrome or an analogous color scheme.

Having too many colors also tends to shift focus from important elements of the layout. By integrating different tints and shades of the same hue, or by using colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel, designers can significantly reduce this visual noise.

Bold Typography

Typography is a powerful tool that can help set the tone of your application. To keep the design minimalistic, designers opt for bold typefaces such as Open Sans or Montserrat, and bump the font size for headlines to make them appear more crisp and clearer.

Limited Options

While some designers feel tempted to add multiple features and buttons to facilitate it for users, it’s a practice that should be avoided if you’re trying to incorporate minimalism into your design. Too many options can make users feel overwhelmed and may also cause an information overload. To prevent this from happening, implement the ‘less is more’ ideology in your application by limiting user choices.

Elimination of Lines

Lines and dividers were once widely used in mobile applications to distinguish between two separate sections. However, minimalism has eliminated the need of visible lines for delineation of categories within the screen.

Designers can use negative space and contrasting colors to their advantage and divide with the help of spacing and smart element placement, instead of using lines.

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