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Mobile App Development 101: Common Programming Languages Developers Use

As mobile apps have nowadays become the lifeline of competitive business, app developers are making continuous efforts to improve the performance as well as the functionality of the apps they develop. While these factors are some of the main considerations when developing apps, it’s also crucial to give the users an excellent user experience.

Not only does successful app development process require resourceful planning and strategy, proper market research, and budgeting, the programming language that the developer uses is one of most crucial aspects of the project.

Here are some of the most common programming languages that developers use in mobile app development along with their star features:


An undisputed leader of mobile app coding languages, Java is mainly utilized for the development of back-end web frameworks and desktop applications. It was also the default language to write Android applications before the Android platform was introduced.

Businesses favor Java due to the versatility and flexibility that it offers, in addition to a large set of standard class libraries. It’s a portable, simplified, machine independent programming language with an explicit interface.

Moreover, it utilizes the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that works seamlessly in every system, allowing for error-free and quick mobile application development.

Being the most established and the most searched language on Google worldwide, Java is backed by a huge online community which fast-tracks the process of fixing technical glitches.


Termed as the fastest-growing language by the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, this high-level programming language has edged out Java in terms of its popularity. The reason behind Python’s increased use is its ability to provide better results, user experience and agility to its customers.

It’s basic and natural English-like syntax is what makes it easy-to-understand and an ideal choice for amateurs—it also has several applications in real life.

Apart from the ability to develop powerful applications from scratch, Python is used to analyze and compute numeric and scientific data, in addition to creating desktop GUIs.

Some popular apps and websites developed in Python include Dropbox, Reddit, Spotify, Instagram and YouTube among many others.

The best part? It is open source and freely available.

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A prospective game changer in the realm of mobile development, Swift was created by Apple in 2014 and is specifically designed to develop iOS applications.

It is an open source language that’s extremely easy to learn and requires less code and maintenance, making the development process seamless and uncomplicated. Its capability to sustain new features allows its applications to be scalable.

Since Swift applications offer less memory consumption, they excel in terms of speed and performance. The iOS app SlideShare is a popular example of an application built completely with Swift.

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