Why Your Business Needs to Have a Mobile App

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Mobile apps aren’t necessarily for brands with big names—businesses big and small have an opportunity with these versatile digital platforms, an opportunity that would ensure their visibility, their growth, and their continued success.

How Much Do Apps Help Generate?

There is evidence to suggest that people in the US spend 5 hours on average in a day with their eyes affixed on their mobile screens. The time people spend on apps as opposed to browsing the web is growing at a constant rate, with it having grown by 6% in the past year. In fact as of 2018, app stores across the world have garnered over $110 billion, which points to one thing and one thing only: apps are a major forum and a great additive for any business.

But that’s not all.

They Help in Visibility

If your business has an app that your customers are encouraged to download on their smartphones, they will have to look at the icon again and again, which will help retain it in their memories. Eventually, it will positively affect your visibility and keep you constantly in the back of your customers’ mind whereas in the absence of an app they will only think of you when they most desire you. As they say, out of sight is out of mind.

Better Marketing

More than keeping it constantly visible, apps can impart general and specific knowledge to your customers: you can learn about the prices and new features, help your clients manage their accounts and do a lot more. You can thus use apps to market yourself by doing as little as possible, and get the word out on promotions and sales more conveniently.

Increased Usage

Since apps are easier to use, your customers will be likelier to use them as opposed to visiting your website via a browser. It is more time consuming and fussy when your business can only be accessed online through a website, which makes your customers less likely to access your website. With an app, comes the assurance of saved time and less caution (with browsers there’s always the possibility of being duped or hacked in some manner).

Showing Your Customers, You Love Them

Many businesses have a gift card system or a point collection system which is calibrated in order to ensure client retention. This could be digitalized through an app which could allow customers to collect points and rewards. Being an easier process, you will soon witness more traffic, a hike in downloads, and an increased number of repeat customers.

Constructing a Brand

The most successful businesses out there realize the importance of building their venture around a brand name, a grand idea, and a marketing strategy, which keeps them constantly visible. By getting the designing on your mobile app done after a carefully thought out and planning process, you can use the tiny icon to transport your ideas and vision. A beautiful design that attracts customers is the first step to effective marketing.

With this in place, your customers will become regular users of your app and become well acquainted with your vision and mission overtime. Known in advertising lingo as “effective frequency,” it entails that customers should view an advertisement of sorts for a minimum of 3 times before becoming hooked.

You’ll Stand Out

While apps are pretty popular, businesses that employ them are a rarity, and by doing so you will make yourself more popular with your customer base. You’ll also be doing something different, something “digitalized” and “modern,” which is sure to increase your chances of being a favorite with the millennial population.

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