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Mobile App Development: Some More Common Programming Languages Developers Use

With more than 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the mobile application industry is thriving. Smartphone penetration and app usage continues to grow at a steady rate and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

We previously discussed popular programming languages that developers use, including Java, Python and Swift. In this blog post, we’ll add onto that list with a few more programming languages.


A server-side scripting language, PHP was initially designed to create websites, but is now used for general purpose development as well as command line scripting. This flexible programming language allows you to create dynamic websites and all kinds of mobile apps.

PHP is used to create Facebook apps, exceptional GUIs, content management systems, image processing, code project management tools, etc.

Being a popular open source language, PHP is constantly worked upon. It is a great tool for creating e-commerce apps that require you to save heavy content. What’s more is that it is easy to learn and offers smooth integration.


Buildfire.js offers the support of BuildFire backend, allowing developers to use Javascript and BuildFire SDK to rapidly develop mobile apps. Its plugins cover nearly 70% of common business use cases, allowing developers to use built-in functionality rather than building everything from scratch; this results in fewer headaches and quicker builds.

Another great feature of BuildFire.js is that it offers a flexible architecture that allows developers to utilize client-side JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, jQuery and many more.

cross platform app development


C++ is a general purpose programming language that allows you to develop high-level applications, in addition to providing the ability to work with low-level libraries that are close to hardware.  It is an object oriented language which allows developers to use concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction, insulation, and so on.

The consolidating debugging experience that it offers allows developers to design and build cross-platform mobile apps. C++ is used in cloud-based applications, device drivers, operating systems, search engines, etc.


Ruby is a general-purpose programming language that shapes the structure of Ruby on Rails. When it comes to mobile app development, Ruby is not just a fast-growing programming language, but it also one of the easiest programming languages; you can build an app within 10 minutes on Ruby. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Ruby developers are more in demand than Python developers.

Owed to its easy syntax and the large community support, tackling technical issues in Ruby is a breeze. Giants like Twitter, Airbnb, Shopify and Bloomberg use Ruby on Rails on their online platforms.

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