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Why Mobile Apps Have an Edge Over Responsive Ecommerce Website

It seems that every other company has an app now. Are apps always a necessity? Isn’t it enough to have a responsive e-Commerce website?

The nature of your business will determine whether you should invest in a mobile app or not but for most e-Commerce businesses, mobile apps definitely have an edge over responsive websites.

Here’s why mobile apps are far better than e-Commerce websites:

1.    Apps Have Speed

Even the most responsive and well-designed eCommerce websites can’t compete with the speed of mobile apps. Apps are about 1.5 times faster than e-Commerce websites. Instead of retrieving data from web servers, they rely on the data stored on your phones, making them much faster and more convenient for users.

The other reason apps are faster than mobile sites is because they run on frameworks instead of JavaScript, which is around 5 times faster. Compared to mobile sites, apps offer users a much smoother experience.

1.    Customized Content

It’s no secret that users appreciate customized content. There’s a reason so many apps allow users to sign-up using their Gmail or Facebook accounts; these platforms hold extensive information about the user. This information is then used to push products and services tailored to the user’s preferences, giving them a highly personalized experience. Mobile apps make this a lot easier to do than conventional websites.

When using mobile apps, users have the option of setting their preferences. The app will closely monitor their behavior and their activities on the app allowing them to make appropriate recommendations. They can even send them notifications and offers based on their real-time locations.

2.    Apps Work Offline and Online

Much of the data stored on apps can be accessed offline too allowing users to carry out some functions even when they aren’t connected to the internet.

There are apps for storefronts, banking, finance and even retail that operate offline as well as online. You may not be able to check out or make other transactions when you’re offline, but you may be able to browse through the app.

3.    Using Device Features

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Mobile apps let you use features like your camera and GPS. You can use the camera to scan QR, codes and PFDs. The GPS can be used to send alerts in real-time depending on your location.

1.    Push Notifications

Push notifications aren’t as intrusive as SMS marketing. They can be used to bring a user’s attention to a promotion, a new product/service or just for remarketing purposes. They can be sent out regardless of whether or not the app is currently used.

Push notifications aren’t available on responsive eCommerce websites.

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