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Mobile Development Trends

Top Trends That Are Dominating the Mobile Development Arena

Software development in mobile applications has significantly progressed with technological advancements and an increase in demands. A recent survey reported 113 billion downloads of mobile applications and games from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store in 2018. These downloads were worth $76 billion, and the number is expected to surpass $122B in 2019. The report also stated a 10% and 20% increase in downloads and sales respectively, as compared to that of 2017. It’s important to note that this report did not take into account the number of mobile applications downloads in the third-party stores in China.

Android and iOS—the two giants of mobile development—still rule the smartphone market globally. According to a Gartner study, Android’s share of smartphones sold in 2016 is, 87.8%. Apple, however, stood in the second position. Apple sold approximately 78 million iPhone units in the first quarter of 2017.

With these statistics, you may now have a better understanding of how rapidly mobile development is advancing. Let’s now have a look at the top trends that are ruling the Mobile Development Arena in 2019.

Mobile App Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We have been observing continuous advancements in mobile Artificial Intelligence. You may be familiar with Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant. Besides these popular examples of AI, mobile app developers are now using advanced software, such as voice recognition to enable hands-free use, ultimately leading to optimized customer experience.

Businesses use AI to extract information about their clients. They use these insights to create customized products and promotional materials to increase their revenues.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality works by taking something that’s real and modifying it. A very popular example is the face filter option available on Snapchat and Instagram. Another example is Pokémon Go—the whole preface of that game was founded on augmented reality on a mobile device. According to a report, the game had around 800 million downloads, 5 million daily active users and total revenue of $1.2 billion. Following the footsteps of these successful mobile apps, more companies are now incorporating augmented reality into their software.

Application Development Trends

Wearable technology is gaining popularity among businesses. Products like fitness bracelets, smartwatches, healthcare monitors, and glasses all can now be paired with mobile applications. These apps enable users to track their physical activities and even compete with their friends. It results in increased use of technology and enhanced engagement. A report estimated that around 560 million units of wearable technology will be shipped by the end of 2021, with estimated revenue of $95.3 billion.

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