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The Significance of a Mobile-Friendly Website

When was the last time you needed to search up something on Google? Probably not very long ago.

When was the last time you got up to open your desktop, waited for it to load, opened your browser, switched to Google and typed in your keywords? Probably not that recently.

Now, remember the time when you just whipped out your smartphone, switched it on and asked Siri to search for what you needed. Sound like something you regularly do?

Never before has there been a greater need for mobile-friendly websites than today. More searches are made on mobile phones today than on desktops, according to Google. Google has even made mobile-friendliness a criterion to rank on search engine ranking pages (SERPs).

Here are a few major reasons why you might want to investigate getting a mobile-friendly website or app created for your business—if you haven’t already.

Google Prefers Mobile-Friendly Websites

Since 2015, all major search engines, but especially Google has started focusing on a website’s mobile-friendliness to determine whether it is worthy of being on the first page or not. SEO trends are always changing and those websites that meet SEO ranking criteria make it to the top three spots and the rest are left behind in the dust.

The Smartphone Is the Most Widely Used Gadget Today

Today up to 2.5 billion people in the world have at least one smartphone—that’s a quarter of the world’s population!

Almost all online processes are now conducted on smartphones, from booking movie tickets to doctor appointments, purchasing clothes and products online to searching up reviews for a local service provider. If your clients can’t find you online, your business might as well be non-existent!

It Builds Reliability

How often have you tried to visit a website that isn’t optimized for mobiles and had a terrible experience dragging the screen to the left and right to be able to access what you need? Our guts say, you’ll never try to visit the website on your smartphone ever again!

If your customers experience the same thing, they’ll be far less likely to become paying, returning customers. You’ll be losing out on sales, revenue and customers, just because your website isn’t optimized for mobile phones!

Your Business Will Be Seen as Modern

Nothing says more about a business that is outdated than a website that doesn’t function well on a smartphone! Keeping up with the latest in technology in this increasingly technological world will help you gain an edge over your competition and get more conversions.

Get a Mobile-Friendly Website Developed Today

By providing expert software and web development services to people all over Costa Rica, we have specialized in near-shore outsourcing solutions. From mobile app development, outsourcing and staff augmentation to website development, whatever your needs, we’re here to help!

Leave us a message here or give us a call at 800-974-7219 for more information.

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Contact us for further information!

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