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Why a Good UI in Mobile Apps Matters?

Mobile applications offer a multitude of sales and marketing benefits to businesses. Through applications, customers can not just view and purchase your products and services, but also relay their feedback and ask queries. However, a poorly developed mobile application with a problematic user interface can keep you from reaping these benefits.

While there are a number of elements that can lead to mobile app failure, poor user interface certainly tops the list. According to a report, nearly 58% mobile app users encounter user interface issues, which ultimately push them to discontinue the use of the application.

In this blog, we’ve listed some reasons why we think investing in a good user interface for your business’s mobile application can prove to be a great idea.

Increases Responsiveness

Responsiveness refers to a mobile application’s ability to respond to actions by the user and is an important metric used to judge the user-friendliness of mobile apps. Using a slow mobile application that lags frequently can be extremely frustrating. Improving your user interface increases the level of responsiveness of your app, allowing users to have a positive, delay-free experience.

Boosts Efficiency

Mobile applications with excellent user interface are always more efficient in comparison to those with poor UI. A good interface allows users to carry out functions with minimum efforts. For example, a customer using a mobile application with no search bar would have to invest more time in going through the entire product list to find the goods they intend to buy.

On the other hand, someone using a user-friendly mobile app can easily find the products they need and would end up spending less time on search.

Improves Clarity

Adding multiple action buttons for features and a loud color scheme may seem like a great way to facilitate users and improve visual appeal of your app, but it can reduce clarity and make your application appear overwhelming. A good user interface will have well-placed buttons and UI controlled color differentiation, allowing users to navigate the app and select the options of their choice with ease.

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