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3 Key Advantages of Native Mobile App Development

The number of smartphone users in the world is exponentially increasing every year. Many businesses are utilizing this as an opportunity to expand their businesses to the smartphone market through mobile app development.  A report forecasted that by the year 2020, the estimated worth of the mobile application market would be $189 billion!

Mobile applications come in different forms, but they can largely be categorized as native, hybrid, or web. With each type of app having unique benefits, choosing the best one can be a complex task for businesses.

Here, we’ll look at some of the key advantages of native mobile app development that make it a good value for the money.

Optimum performance and faster running of codes

Native applications are custom designed and created for a specific platform, which enhances their effectiveness and performance. Native applications have direct access to the platform’s hardware and are compiled with the help of its core programming language and APIs, resulting in optimized execution.

Native Applications have higher security and reliability

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are differently coded for a number of browsers and use primitive technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. This lack of standardization makes them more prone to issues in regard to security and loopholes in performance.

On the other hand, native applications are secure and efficient, as they are developed and compiled by using the core programming language of the platform itself.  Furthermore, native applications have remote access to the platform’s data and the ability to wipe it when needed.

native mobile app

Allows Developers to have full access to all the features of the device

Native applications allow complete access to the entire feature set of the platform or the device that they were developed for. This enables developers to fully utilize the platform’s software, as well as its hardware such as the GPS system, Camera, Microphone etc. It results in quicker execution of the app and provides a better experience to the users.

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