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Nearshore Benefits

Nearshore Benefits: 7 Key Advantages

Outsourcing to a nearshore company has several advantages over both offshoring and onshoring. There are the cost benefits of offshoring without the language and cultural differences, as well as the time zone communication issues. There is also the access to similar levels of expertise as with onshoring, only with a much larger and cost-effective talent pool to choose from.

Here we look closer at the seven major nearshore benefits of working with a company for your outsourcing needs.

Maintain Control

Nearshoring lets you maintain control over the project at every step of the process. There are no long waits in between communications and decisions can be made quickly and effectively. While offshoring requires a lot of patience which may or may not be rewarded, nearshoring lets you communicate in real-time and keep everything moving along smoothly.

Cost Effective

The only advantage that offshoring has over nearshoring and onshoring is its relative cheapness, though you often get what you pay for, unfortunately. Thanks to the reduced labor costs of Latin America, nearshoring is more cost effective than onshoring and yet still offers the same level of skill and knowledge that you need.

Return On Investment

The cost effectiveness of nearshoring combined with the huge reduction in necessary resources and in-house effort required means you are guaranteed an excellent return on investment.

Reduced Travel Time and Costs

Many projects require in-person meetings, and some companies simply prefer to operate in this fashion for their outsourced projects. By working with a nearshore company, the travel costs are minimized as is the time spent travelling. This makes it so much easier to plan in-person meetings and maximize collaboration and productivity.

Improved Communication

Offshoring to a company on the other side of the world creates numerous obstacles such as language barriers, cultural differences and time zones. Nearshoring eliminates all of these as English is spoken fluently by many people in Latin America, especially those working in the tech industry. The cultures are also similar, and the time zones overlap so there can always be real-time communication throughout the working day.

Easy Onboarding

Latin American countries like Costa Rica already have very similar working cultures to the United States. This similarity is further enhanced by the large amount of experience that Latin American developers have working with US-based companies. Software development methodologies like Agile and Scrum have been adopted across the entire industry in Latin America, making integration with US teams a simple process.

Operational Fluidity

The cultural similarities and real-time communication help maximize operational efficiency, which can be difficult to achieve when working with an offshore firm. A nearshore company helps generate a collaborative work environment between the remote and in-house teams, ensuring deadlines are met and projects are completed within budget.

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