Understanding the Difference Between Staff Augmentation & Project Outsourcing

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The IT industry today is both bustling and competitive. Global expenditure on IT is predicted to cross the USD 3.7 trillion mark by 2019, according to statistical projections. Established IT companies and startups alike compete for a space in the world of information technology, being   that tech is really anybody’s game, which is a good thing.

Making a Name

Your company’s reputation is what brings you business. Part of how people view your company is your ability to deliver on whatever you have promised. When you have deadlines, you need to meet as well as goals and standards of performance to accomplish, you might need a little additional support to keep things moving.

Two viable and often cost-effective options, when it comes to supplementing your company’s abilities are project outsourcing and staff augmentation.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation involves having an external specialist or expert join your team, committing to you for a given period of time. Staff augmentation may also be a project specific arrangement, which means you have the external specialist help with a given project and eventually step back upon completion.

The expert or specialist in question works with your team under your own management, dedicating their skills to your project and streamlining the same with their expertise.

Project Outsourcing

Project outsourcing is also a way to supplement your company capabilities and functions giving you the push you need to move things along and provide the best possible services. Unlike staff augmentation however, project outsourcing involves having an external team to undertake a project for you to entirely deliver what is due upon completion.

The team you outsourced will not require any kind of management on your part and will simply deliver on the required project goals or tasks. The hired team is usually made up to aid in specific projects or functions on a contractual basis.

What would Work for Me?

As we said earlier, both project outsourcing and staff augmentation are viable and cost effective. What would suit you better is really about what you require by way of specific support. Where staff augmentation is a brilliant way to streamline company functions internally, it does require additional HR and managerial work.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, promises delivery on a single project or product and does not give you the ability to micromanage the same. It does, however, guarantee quality if you outsource to the right company and is not a burden on your existing managerial and HR functions.

Must I Choose One?

There is no restriction upon how you choose to plan, divide and proceed with your company functions if tech and IT is what you do. You also have the option of opting for project outsourcing for certain IT related functions such as web design and use staff augmentation for internal product development, for instance; you can apply the approach that suits you precisely.

In any case, when it comes to really upgrading the services or products you provide, staff augmentation for IT functions and IT project outsourcing are two great ways to go about it.

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