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Nearshore Outsourcing Services Costa Rica

4 Reasons Why Costa Rica is the Ideal Place to Outsource Software Development

Traditionally known for its beaches, forests, and biodiversity, Costa Rica is a tropical paradise that’s now gaining popularity for another reason.

It’s recently come to light that this Central American country is the ideal place to outsource software development services to.

Here are some reasons why Costa Rica should be on top of your list the next time you’re looking for a nearshore location.

1. Agile Software Development

Agile software development refers to the practice of creating digital solutions through collaborative efforts between cross-functional teams. This allows for the creation of software in real-time, preventing companies from losing out to competitors. It’s an approach that’s responsive to market changes. Costa Rica is the perfect nearshore location for outsourcing agile software development.

2. Time Zone

For businesses based in the United States and surrounding locations, Costa Rica is the ideal location to outsource software development services to. One of the reasons behind this is the country’s central time zone! It makes real-time collaboration between teams extremely easy.

No one wants to hold a business at 11 PM, but if the other team is located in a different time zone, you’re left with no choice! Between Costa Rica and the United States, that’s not a problem.

Nearshore Outsourcing Services Costa Rica

3.     Culture

The cultures of Costa Rica and the US are pretty similar, which plays a big part in smooth business collaborations. Language doesn’t pose any problems either, as Costa Rica’s population is bilingual. Moreover, it’s one of the most westernized countries in Central America, which is also dedicated to science and technology.

4.     Developer Community

The developer community in Costa Rica is one of the most vibrant and diverse ones in the world. It’s a great software culture that has attracted a plethora of big international companies. The community is extremely interactive and events like hackathons and meet-ups are arranged on a regular basis.

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