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5 Advantages of Going Nearshore Rather Than Offshore

Offshore software development outsourcing was once a very large market, but in recent years we’ve seen that many clients are moving towards Nearshore development instead. As we move towards a faster commercial dynamic and realize the need to increase workflow speeds; nearshore services offer advantages that are impossible with offshore.

Nearshore companies based in LATAM and other nearby locations are offering advantages never heard of before. In addition to this, the available skill sets can often outshine those you’ll find in places like Silicon Valley.

The advantages of working with nearshore companies include:

Fewer Language and Cultural Barriers

Back in the day, many businesses used to work with Indian or Chinese programmers.  Although those programmers used to be immensely skilled, it was difficult to put across directions to them. A programmer needs to thoroughly understand the client’s needs if they are to deliver a worthwhile product. Asian programmers used to deliver brilliantly programmed products but it just wasn’t what the client wanted.

This software would have to be sent back and project deadlines had to be put off. This added to the financial costs of taking on the project and would hold back business plans for months at a time.

This isn’t a problem with nearshore companies. Since these companies are close-by, you can usually expect your programmers to know English and be capable of understanding your needs.

Smaller Time Zone Differences

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The farther you go from your shores, the greater the time difference. Working with offshore programmers can be a logistical nightmare because of conflict resolution, being that those companies don’t work at the same times as you.

With nearshore companies, the proximity to your location means there’s less of a time difference. You can get in touch with your programmers whenever convenient, to make additions to the project, speak to them about any problems with their work and much more, to manage any project problem. This allows for a swifter conclusion to your projects and reduces the cost associated with them.

Agile Oriented Development Services

Since nearshore services specialize in software and IT development, the organizations work according to the most efficient service delivery processes. This includes adopting techniques like Agile and Scrum to make sure that all projects are completed within set timelines.

A Lower Trade-off Between Costs and Quality

Many people wonder if working with offshore IT companies is actually as cost effective as it’s set out to be. A cost-benefit analysis would tell you that with the obstacles in working with offshore companies, there’s a lot to lose in terms of customer satisfaction.

Although nearshore developers are probably going to be a little more expensive, in the long run, the service quality makes the investment worth it.

Access to Better Skill Sets

Latin America is truly making a name for itself in the tech development industry. Countries like Costa Rica and Peru are slowly becoming centers of global tech innovation. With this comes the availability of some of the best programmers in the world, without the hassle of going farther away from your borders.

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