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Is Nearshore Software Development a Good Idea?

Increased competition within the IT sector has made is pretty difficult (and costly!) to identify, recruit, and retain skilled software developers. This, coupled with continually improving educational standards aboard, has made outsourcing IT projects a viable option. However, the dispute arises as to which type of outsourcing is best.

In this blog, we’ll share a few reasons why IT companies should always resort to nearshore software development services.

Similar Time Zones

Working with a software firm located in India, China, or any European country makes real-time communication near-impossible. On the other hand, a nearshore software development company operates in a similar or closer time zone making it possible for you to engage with them during normal work hours. By working alongside your internal development team, disruptions and hurdles are easily overcome and there’s no risk of missing project deadlines.

Smaller Flight Times

One of the greatest benefits of nearshore development is the ability to talk face-to-face with your outsourced partners. Short flight times make it possible to vet prospective companies and choose the ideal candidate as opposed to making assumptions. This, in turn, helps to increase the quality of your development projects, since you’re able to analyze whether the outsourced business is a good fit in terms of infrastructure, maturity, and culture.

Offshore services will require you to travel—sometimes halfway across the world—which only adds unnecessary expenses.

Solid Infrastructure

Well-developed infrastructure is a prerequisite to high-quality IT services. Fortunately for you, Latin American countries such as Costa Rica are significantly better in this regard as compared to Asian and European countries. Costa Rica has the highest internet penetration in all of Latin America and the government has already executed plans to turn the country into an international tech hub.

All of this translates into a better and more stable internet connection that facilitates communication and prevents unforeseen circumstances from delaying projects.


Once again, places like Costa Rica have invested millions into the education sector and places its primary focus on creating a sizeable and talented IT workforce, according to The Costarican Times. In 2015 alone, the country exported nearly $3.5 billion in IT-enabled services.

nearshore software outsourcing

By all standards of comparison, nearshore software development services prove to be the ideal form of IT outsourcing. EX2 Outcoding is a nearshore software development center with offices in Latin America, the USA, and Asia. With nearly 2-decade’s worth of experience, they provide some of the best software development services in all of Latin America!

Contact them at +1 800 974 7219 ext. 202 or by leaving a message on their website today!

Contact us for further information!

Contact us for further information!

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