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nearshore vs in-house software development

Nearshore vs In-house Software Development

Deciding whether to keep software development in-house or seek out a partner to outsource the work to is a hot debate within many businesses operating today. Naturally, there are benefits to keeping software development in-house, but there are also drawbacks which can hinder progress and cause problems further down the line.

One of the drawbacks of outsourcing your technical developments further afield is sometimes the lack of control and communication. This usually occurs when your outsourcing team is operating in different time zones as yourself.

These issues can easily be overcome by nearshoring the software development project to a company that operates in the same hours as yourself. Therefore, you can benefit from working the same schedules and most likely eliminate any language problems.

The quality of work from a nearshore company is also very high due to the shared expectations and better understanding of local requirements and regulations.

Here we take a closer look at Nearshore vs In-house Software Development and what the pros and cons of each are.

In-House Software Development Pros and Cons

The obvious benefit of using your own in-house team is that they are working in the same building as you. As you are so close it can make it easier to plan the project and make adjustments along the way.

The disadvantages of in-house software development include the limited expertise available on your team. Therefore, adding difficulty in scaling up your in-house expertise. The obvious disadvantage is the significant extra cost of hiring new staff capable of completing the project.

Expanding your IT team quickly and substantially enough for the project in hand is a time-consuming challenge in itself. Assuming you can scale-up adequately, you are then left with a salaried employee whose initial purpose has been fulfilled once the software development project is complete. This extra cost makes outsourcing to a nearshore partner the much cheaper option in the long run.

Nearshore Software Development Pros and Cons

The advantages of nearshore development include the aforementioned cost reduction, as you will only be paying for the project to be completed. You will also benefit from the scalability they provide, as well as the larger pool of expertise with which they can deliver your project to the highest quality you can expect.

There aren’t really any disadvantages of nearshore development apart from somebody sitting in your physical location. If you choose the right nearshore company you will have a team that shows similar values, mentality, work ethics, organizational culture, etc. as your own.

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